Flex Apps on Mobile Devices

This week at Mobile World Congress Adobe has been showing off Flash Player 10.1 on a variety of mobile devices. Last week I received Google’s Nexus One device with an early version of Flash Player 10.1 on it. Here is a video I shot today showing how Flex applications can run on mobile devices with Flash Player 10.1 and how existing applications can be tweaked for the size constraints of these devices. Let me know what you think.

BTW: The app I created for the demo is available at bit.ly/tdfmdb.

  • Ali


    Very cool stuff. I’ve got one question. When will it be available on Windows Mobile?! All people that has got HTC phones with WM are expecting to experience the same opportunities as Android users.


  • @Ali A public beta of Flash Player 10.1 for Windows Mobile is expected later this year [source].

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  • very nice

    It means now we have option to developed Andrid apps in adobe air ?

    what Air sdk use for that, are that is stable and we how we make .apk file for android emulator?

    Thanks James.

    • With the AIR 2.5 SDK you can create an apk. You can join the prerelease here: