• Daniel

    Interesting but when you get to the Maptacular part it just says “Better by Adobe” on the screen, even though the mouse pointer and your narrative is acting like there’s something there. Can this be fixed?

  • James Ward

    Hi Daniel,

    Sorry, this was due to a misconfiguration in Camtasia. There are quite a few other screencasts out there that show Apollo applications:


  • Daniel

    Very interesting, I’m going to look into Flex. Dugg.

  • Mike

    Nice Flex app, about the insurance one: what happens if you have damage on a lot of panels. In a web application you would scroll the page when it contains many controls.

  • mat

    Hi James, Screen sharing in the insurance app is an excellent feature. Curious to know what Flex technologies isused in the insurance app for screen sharing. Also, technologies in the Google map sharing demo. Is sample code available to demonstrate these technolgies?

  • James Ward

    Hi Mat,

    The Customer Service Rep / Mortgage application collaboration uses Flex Data Services to do real time push of events. The same technology is used in the Google maps sharing demo. The best way to learn about this technology and to play with it on your own is by taking the Flex Test Drive:

    Hope that helps.


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  • Tanya

    I think the demo applications kick ass – enough to make me want to try out Flex.

    For the delivery, fewer um’s would make this presentation easier to listen to :)

  • Hi Tanya,

    Thanks for watching and enjoying the screencast. Sorry about the um’s. Hopefully I’m getting better as a presenter. This was an early presentation I did in my evangelist role. I should record a new one and see if I’m any better at that.