Bruce Eckel is Thinking in Flex!

Update: You can download the source code for this screencast here.

Recently Bruce Eckel and I had the chance to record a screencast of us pair programming with Flex & TurboGears:

The results were great – a fantastic UI on top of a simple back-end! Both Bruce and I learned a lot creating this screencast and I hope you will enjoy watching it.

  • I enjoyed watching you both. Having two people was nice in that it gives the screencast a more programmer-explaining-to-programmer feel rather than a lecture.

    Couple comments:

    * Consider upgrading to TG 1.0
    * In Vim, you can “:set ts=4″ to get the indent working correctly
    * { is a brace
    * {foo:”bar”} is object literal notation for ECMAScript. They’re not quite the same as python dicts because the keys (identifiers) have to be strings.

  • Err, correction. The vim line is “:set sw=4” (shiftwidth rather than tabstop), though both would probably work.

  • James Ward

    Thanks Karl! Glad you enjoyed it! Will you be at the TurboGears Jam next week? Both Bruce and I will be there. Maybe we will record another one. :)

  • Sanjiv Singh

    It was simply stunning. I personnaly like the simplicity of TG as compared to say Struts + Tomcat. I was seeing Flex for the first time and it was impressive. You would have to learn some amout of javascript and CCS before you can achieve the same using TG widgets with Kid.

  • Thanks for this tutorial – I really appreciate it as a new Flex developer. What I particularly liked was Bruce asking the same questions I had – as a Flex newbie. Often PR-department ‘tutorials’ gloss over some of the grittier details.

    I would love it if you guys could get together and make another screencast, this time using more than one table and some more advanced Flex functions, like charting. Integrity constraints and table relationships are unclear to me currently.

  • James Ward

    Thanks Neil. I’m glad it was helpful. Bruce and I are working on others like this one. You may also want to check out the Total Training DVD for Flex. I have heard many people rave about it.

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  • Thanks for the share. I will definitely look into the tutorials and widgets provided for Adobe Flex, especially considering the program is now open source!

  • Rick


    Excellent video on TurboGears and Flex! I am excited to try it out; but where is the source for the demo? At the end of the video you said it would be posted on I just spent an hour looking all over the site and cannot find it. I did have fun looking around your site, but it would be nice to get the source to play with.


  • Hi Rick,

    Sorry for the delay. The source code has been posted on the original post (above). Let me know if you have any problems.


  • Rick

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the TurboGears/Flex code – it works great. I am considering coming to the Jam in Crested Butte in February and was wondering: the event description says that attendees will get a free Flex License with paid registration – do you know if this includes charting?

    I am very interested in using the charting components and developing some custom charting components.

    Thanks again,

  • Hi Rick,

    The Flex Builder license will be for the regular Flex Builder 2 without Charting. Sorry. I hope you can go!


  • Hi, I am trying to hook up TG and FLEX and found the video tutorial pretty helpful. But when I download the code on my MacBook Pro (Flex Pro 3), it doesn’t work! It does not even show me an error!

    So I opened the code on my FLEX on PC and it works perfect. Obviously, I imported the project correctly and added as3corelib.swc but there is some issue with Flex mac. Any comments?

  • Hi Vishal. Is it possible that there is an error on your Mac but that you aren’t seeing it because you don’t have the debug player? Is the problem at compile time or runtime?

  • Hi James,

    There is no error at all, at compile time and run time. I just reinstalled Flex3, but it still doesn’t work. In fact, I tried adding Alert messages to see what my raw json string looks like, but it doesn’t show the alert box. But it works perfectly fine on windows.


  • Hi Vishal,

    Can you export the project and email it to me? james at jamesward dot com