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  • Jan van Jaarsveld

    Hi James,

    On request of a customer I was tasked to convert a Java + richfaces enterprise app to a Java + Flex. Your demos and articles have been of a great help in getting started with Flex, and I firstly want to thank you for that.

    I do, however, have a slight problem. I have been trying to download the BlazeDS libraries from Adobe’s opensource site for a few days now, and as you probably know it is still down. It is quite urgent for me to get started with BlazeDS, and I have no idea where else to find these libraries.

    Could you please just point me in the right direction, or maybe even mail them to me if they are not too big?

    Sorry if this is not the right way to go about getting this sort of info, but I’m a bit desperate and don’t know where to turn.


  • Hi Jan,

    Sorry that the opensource.adobe.com site is still down! Please email me so that I can send you what you need. jaward at adobe dot com. BTW: I think you might also be able to get the BlazeDS libraries through a Maven Repo.


  • Harpreet Sardar

    Hi James,
    This is the help i could find for the new bees like me.
    I want to thank you for this effort.
    I am trying to learn integrating Flex with Java, What i am trying to achieve is that in a single jsp page want to show the flex data grid without disturbing the previous look of the JSP.

    If you have article or link which can help please let me know.

    Thank You

    • You can just copy the default HTML template from a Flash Builder project into your JSP file.

  • Harpreet Sardar

    this is the link i have followed which raised above questions:

    • Email me the code you are having problems well since it’s not coming through my blog very well. jaward at adobe dot com

      • Harpreet Sardar

        i have tried adding the project files in this post but everytime it gets deleted.

  • Harpreet Sardar

    I have sent the zip files of both projects via email…. Thank you very much for your time and help…..

    • Sorry… Our email server blocked the email. Can you resend to james at jamesward dot org


  • Anubis

    Thank you for a million!
    I am from China! and focus your blog for a long time! also downloaded your videoes about”FirstStepInFlex”, which give me a huge help!

    it’s my yahoo’s email address, Skype’s,too.
    Counld you sent me email ? there are much question I want to ask~

    —-by Anubis

    • Great! Feel free to email me: jaward at adobe dot com

  • albo

    how to Create in flash builder 4.5 Flex mobile project Custom button
    1 button 2 image
    i need when i click the button to change image

    thank you

    • You can certainly do that but I don’t have a code example for that handy. Sorry.

  • Caglar Koylu

    Hi James,

    I am a PhD student in the geography dept of University of South Carolina. Following your blog I have implemented my research idea a while ago. It is a web-based dynamic flow mapping (for migration, etc) application that works with ArcGIS server as well as java back-end tools used for data processing and database access. I use blazeds working on an apache tomcat to invoke java methods and I don’t have any bugs or issues when running the application on my laptop as a debugging platform.

    However, I would like to migrate it to the real server to publish the application and there are many things that I couldn’t figure out.

    The webserver I have to use is apache. It has to run on php because the application is supposed to be a part of a drupal website. So, the question is:

    How do I use apache as a webserver and still use apache tomcat as an application server?

    I don’t have a very good background in web development so I feel like I am misunderstanding this. If you could give me any directions on this problem, I would appreciate it so much.



    • Can you run Tomcat on your server?

      • Caglar Koylu

        Yes, I can.

  • mohamed

    Hi James;
    I’m developping an application with Spring and flex 4 and i wanna integrate JasperReport,
    please i need help about this issue , if there is a tutoriel this post the link .
    Thanks in advance
    my best regards

  • Roy


    Would you be able to help me with the following problem



  • Oleg Kotliarsky

    Hi James – great blog. … enjoying to learn here.

    I’m working on Flex with BlazeDS project using FlashBuilder 4.5 and would liketo debug java code which runs on the tomcat. How would I do it? …did not find any help online…

    thank you in advance,

  • Carlos BB

    Hi James,

    in the book “Pro Android Flash” (APress) there is mention of this link: http://www.jamesward.com/downloads/extending_air_for_android-flex_4_5-air_2_6-v_1.zip
    but link doesn’t work now.
    Can you make it (or better yet, a new version for flex 4.6) available?
    Otherwise, where else can I get similar files for extending Air on Android?

  • Mountim

    Hi James. I want to implement a Web Application. It is just like MS Paint. I just want to edit the lines of added image and draw something on top of that. In addition to that I want to drag and drop some small images on top of that. I think I can do this with Apache Flex. Please advice me how to do this.