LincVolt Flex App in Salesforce Keynote

I’m here at day one of Dreamforce 2008,’s annual conference. During Marc Benioff’s keynote they announced the new Sites technology for Salesforce hosted websites which can integrate with Salesforce data. At the end of the keynote Marc brought out Neil Young to talk about LincVolt, an open community for converting gasoline based cars to electric / compressed natural gas cars. It’s a very cool project but what I was really excited about was their use of Flex on the Sites powered LincVolt website. Here is a camera phone picture of the keynote (notice the sexy Flex chart at the bottom – which you can also see by going to the site).

Very cool stuff!

Walking around the expo floor I’m seeing a ton of Flex. I’m trying to get it all on video. So keep watching here for more details on what people are doing with Salesforce and Flex.

Around the World with Flex and Adobe AIR

Over the next few months I’ll be going around the world (literally) speaking about Flex and Adobe AIR. Here’s a quick rundown on where I’ll be:

Wednesday March 25 in Las Vegas: TheServerSide Java Symposium – Co-presenting with Eddie O’Neil from BEA

Thursday March 26 in Philadelphia: Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise – Porting from Web 1.0 to RIA in the Enterprise

Thursday April 3 in Bangalore, India: Adobe RIA Architect Summit 2008 – Best Practices for Building Flex/AIR applications

Tuesday April 15 in Atlanta: BEA Dev2Dev TechDays – Developing a Rich UI with Flex in Eclipse & Connecting a Flex UI to the back-end SOA (The Dev2Dev Tour is also going around the world with many other great Adobe speakers.)

Wednesday April 16 in New York:’s Tour de Force (Also going around the world with other Adobe speakers.)

Friday April 18 in New York: Flex Camp Wall Street – Offline Reporting in Rich Internet Applications & From Tags to Riches with Shashank Tiwari

May 5 in San Francisco: CommunityOne – Hanging out with my Redmonk friends and possibly a session

May 6 – 9 in San Francisco: JavaOne – On Wednesday Chet Haase and I will be doing a late afternoon session at the Metreon followed by drinks and pool at Julian’s. Also you won’t want to miss Stephan Janssen’s presentation “ An Adobe Flex/AIR and JavaFX™ Case Study

June 25 in Zurich, Switzerland: Jazoon 08 – Rich Internet Applications with Flex and Java

There are also a number of other great events going on that other Adobe people will be speaking at, but unfortunately I couldn’t fit into my schedule:

onAIR Europe Tour

360|Flex Europe April 7-9, 2008 in Milan, Italy

And others…

I hope to see you somewhere along the way!

3… 2… 1… LIFT OFF!

Today Adobe launched Flex 3 and Adobe AIR 1.0 – the most mature and comprehensive platform for Rich Internet Applications in existence.

The news of the launch is everywhere but I wanted to point out a few of the most exciting things related to this launch.

The Flex SDK and BlazeDS are now officially open source.

InfoQ has published an interview with me on the Flex 3 launch. They have also posted an interview with Kevin Hoyt on the AIR 1.0 launch as well as an overview of today’s announcements. and Adobe have launched the Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex.

Not really related to the launch but also very exciting – Chet Haase, Java Swing guru and co-author of Filthy Rich Clients has joined the Flex engineering team.

This launch is the biggest RIA launch ever! I can’t wait to see what you build with these awesome technologies!

Announcing the Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex

Almost a year ago I began working with Ron Hess and Dave Carroll from Salesforce on the Flex Toolkit for Apex – a port of the JavaScript libraries for’s web services. Since that time the toolkit has matured and been used in numerous production applications. Today I am pleased to announce the new Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex. This new toolkit build on the Flex Toolkit for Apex and adds additional functionality for the new Adobe AIR runtime for desktop RIAs.

For more information on the new toolkit check out a tutorial I wrote on how to use it. Also visit the new Salesforce page on the Adobe Developer Connection.

It was very impressive seeing all of the amazing applications that were built with the original toolkit. I can’t wait to see what you build with this new toolkit. Let us know how it goes!

Video Interview from Dreamforce 2007: Flex and

While I was at Dreamforce this year I had the chance to do a video interview with Peter Coffee from In this interview we discussed the industry momentum behind RIAs in enterprise software and how Flex, Adobe AIR, and are being combined to deliver much better user experiences in business applications. The recorded interview is below. You can also find the original post on Peter Coffee’s blog.

Online Video Series: & Adobe

A few weeks ago I was able to participate in a Chalk Talk with and StakeWare. The session focused on how Rich Internet Applications, Flex, and Adobe AIR relate to the platform. With this combination of technologies companies like StakeWare can quickly build business applications that have rich user interfaces that work the same across browsers and operating systems.

PodTech recorded the session and have split it into three parts [part1, part2, part3]. I spoke in part 2. You can watch the video below or on the PodTech site.