Geek Week in Denver

This week in Denver is going to be a total geek fest! I’m pretty excited about three great events:

There is a rumor that we might record a Drunk on Software episode after the event on Thursday. Apparently there are some people who disagree with my definition of “Flex app”. This could be the episode where we move from an Oprah style show to a Jerry Springer style of show. Sounds like fun to me. :)

Drunk on Software Episode 22: Sleeping on the Couch

Episode 22 of Drunk on Software is certainly one of my favorites. Jon and Chet seem to think I fell asleep during the episode. Personally I think that I was temporarily abducted by some angry aliens that don’t like humans who wear bear hats. Hmmm.. Like the episode that makes no sense. So grab your favorite adult beverage (if you are of legal age) and enjoy!

Drunk on Software Special Episode from Devoxx 2009

Devoxx is an annual developer conference in Antwerp, Belgium. Devoxx is typically held at the coldest, most miserable time of year to allow attendees to concentrate on the most important thing: Belgian Beer. Drunk on Software’s, Chet Haase, was at the conference this year, talking to various people in bars, in restaurants, and in bars about what they were interested in drinking, er, enjoying at the conference this year.

Drunk on Software Episode 14 – FlexMonkey Fiesta at Casa Bonita

To celebrate the launch of FlexMonkey 1.0, Drunk on Software went to Cartman’s most favorite place in the whole world – Casa Bonita. And there at Casa Bonita amongst happy children and cliff divers, Episode 14 came to be. I’m not sure if it was the margaritas, my pink feather boa, or the ambiance of Casa Bonita but this one was really fun. So grab a marg, sit back, and drift to that happy place – it’s Drunk on Software at Casa Bonita!

And please don’t forget… You can drink and code but never, ever, ever drink and drive.