Article & Videos on Integrating Flex and Java

This week I’m in Europe speaking at various Java User Groups about integrating Flex and Java. I tend to move quickly through code demos so many people have asked me how they can continue learning. Here are a few resources to get you started:

InfoQ Article: Building Web and Desktop Applications with BlazeDS and AMF

Adobe TV Video: Flex Messaging Service

Adobe TV Video: The Data Management Service in LiveCycle Data Services

Email List: JavaFlexCoders Yahoo! Group


LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 Beta

Hopefully that is enough to get you started. Have fun and let me know how it goes!

My Adobe MAX 2008 Talk

It’s hard to believe that Adobe MAX 2008 in the US is only 4 months away! It’s going to be another great MAX and I really hope that you can make it. This year I have one session:

Working with Data in Flex
Explore various methods for accessing data in applications built with Flex 3. We’ll discuss how to connect with back ends such as ColdFusion, PHP, .NET, and Java using REST and XML, Web Services, Remoting, Messaging, and the LiveCycle Data Management Service. We’ll also discuss underlying formats such as XML and how to manipulate it using E4X, AMF3, and JSON.

The session list is now online. So check it out and go register today!

Flex and Seam at JavaOne 2008

There will be numerous mini-sessions happening this year at the Adobe booth at JavaOne 2008. I’ll be doing a “Building High Performance RIAs” session and a “The Open Source RIA Stack” session. Chet Haase will be doing a “Filthy Rich [Flex] Clients” session. Bob Tierney will be doing a “LiveCycle Data Services” session and a “LiveCycle and BEA” session. Duane Nickull will also be doing sessions. We also have one guest presenter, Igor Polevoy from Exadel, who will be demonstrating Flex and Seam integration with Flamingo. Igor’s session will be at 1pm on Tuesday. Other session times are TBD – so stop by the booth on Tuesday to pickup a schedule. Also, make sure that you come to the Filthy Rich [Flex] Clients session with Stephan Jansen (of and JavaPolis), Chet Haase, and myself which precedes the Adobe party on Wednesday night. Stop by the booth to pickup an invite. See you there!

*** Quick Update: Duane will also be doing a hands-on Flex and AIR session at CommunityOne on Monday at noon. I’ll be doing a Lightning Talk at noon and hanging out with the RedMonk folks at CommunityOne. ***

Count on Flex – 1,117,019

1,117,019 = Number of Lines of Open Source code for Flex, BlazeDS, and Tamarin.

200,897 lines in the flex_sdk
218,789 lines in blazeds
353,644 lines in tamarin-central
343,689 lines in tamarin-tracing

That’s 1,117,019 more reasons you can Count on Flex!

“Count on Flex” is a series of blogs about the current state of the Flex ecosystem… by the numbers.

For this post I did a very basic calculation which doesn’t factor out comments and licenses. For the Flex SDK and BlazeDS I used this command:

find . \( -name "*.java" -or -name "*.as" -or -name "*.mxml" -or -name "*.css" \)|xargs wc -l

And for the two Tamarin projects I used this command:

find . \( -name "*.py" -or -name "*.as" -or -name "*.cpp" -or -name "*.h" -or -name "*.es" \)|xargs wc -l

3… 2… 1… LIFT OFF!

Today Adobe launched Flex 3 and Adobe AIR 1.0 – the most mature and comprehensive platform for Rich Internet Applications in existence.

The news of the launch is everywhere but I wanted to point out a few of the most exciting things related to this launch.

The Flex SDK and BlazeDS are now officially open source.

InfoQ has published an interview with me on the Flex 3 launch. They have also posted an interview with Kevin Hoyt on the AIR 1.0 launch as well as an overview of today’s announcements. and Adobe have launched the Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex.

Not really related to the launch but also very exciting – Chet Haase, Java Swing guru and co-author of Filthy Rich Clients has joined the Flex engineering team.

This launch is the biggest RIA launch ever! I can’t wait to see what you build with these awesome technologies!

Using Flex, BEA Workshop, and BlazeDS for Enterprise RIAs

One of the most exciting Flex-related announcements in 2007 was the BEA Workshop and Flex Builder bundle. In case you missed it you can find coverage here, here, here, and a bunch of other places. It was big news! This was further validation that Flex is the standard for Enterprise Rich Internet Applications.

As a long-time Java developer I’ve always respected BEA. They build solid software that is the backbone of many large and mission critical systems. Their stuff just works. And their development tools are no different.

When we first began meeting with BEA about Flex it became evident very quickly how well the two technology sets fit together.

Flex Builder + Workshop = Amazing tooling for Enterprise RIAs

With BlazeDS the stack gets even better.

BlazeDS + Weblogic = Solid back-end for Enterprise RIAs

But how do you fit all these pieces together? An article I wrote was recently published on just this:

Using BEA Workshop Studio and Java to create Flex-based RIAs

(Note: I used Tomcat instead of Weblogic in the article so that there wasn’t one more prerequisite for readers to download. However the steps to use Weblogic are identical – just setup a Weblogic server instead of a Tomcat server.)

Also if you would like to purchase the Workshop and Flex Bundle check out Pieter Humphrey’s Blog for an amazing promo discount code.

I hope that this combination of technologies allows you to build some amazing applications! Let me know how it goes.