Video: Create and Run Play Framework Apps in IntelliJ

The Play Framework community voted heavily to add support for Play Framework 2 in IntelliJ IDEA and JetBrains came through! Here is a short (3min) screencast that shows you how to create and run a Play 2 app in IntelliJ 12 (Ultimate Edition) with the Play Framework plugin:

If you’d like to learn more, check out the detailed tutorial from JetBrains.

  • Mickey Vashchinsky

    You can also debug Play 2.0 app.

    But the starting “debug” from IntelliJ still starts the app in “run” mode. In order to debug you still have to run “play debug” from command line and then “run” from IntelliJ. There is “debug port: 9999” in the config, just like in Play, though.

    Do you happen to know if and when we would be able to debug from IntelliJ?


    • Thanks for the clarification. I usually run “play debug run” and then use a Remote App configuration to debug in IntelliJ.

  • There’s even a better way to launch debug mode…

    If you use the LEDA nightly builds (IDEA 12.0.3 EAP) and nightly plugins for scala and play 2.0, debugging is launched automagically directly from the IDE, no need to manually execute play debug. Just use the “debug” button instead of the “run” button to launch de app. This also allows to just configure a Play 2.0 Configuration without needing to create another conf for Remote debugging. :)

    Nightly for LEDA:

    Nightly for Play 2.0 Plugin:

    Nightly for Scala Plugin:

    I guess everything will be on stable repos when they release 12.0.3.

  • Willem Salembier

    Integration is nice, but still a lot of work on this plugin. For start, fix the bug that doesn’t allow to compile/run unit tests from IDEA.

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  • Thanks for this video. I just started playing with scala tonight and was slightly confused on how to integrate IntelliJ with play. There seemed to be conflicting directions online but this cleared things up.