Client/Server Apps with HTML5 & Java at OSCON 2012

This Friday at OSCON 2012 I’ll be doing a presentation about Client/Server Apps with HTML5 and Java. Here is the session description:

The web application landscape is rapidly shifting back to a Client/Server architecture. This time around the Client is JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in the browser. The tools and deployment techniques for these types of applications are abundant and fragmented. This session will teach you how to pull together jQuery, LESS, Twitter Bootstrap, and some CoffeeScript to build the Client. The Server could be anything that talks HTTP but this session will use the Play Framework. You will also learn how to deploy Client/Server web apps on the cloud using a Content Delivery Network (Amazon CloudFront) for the Client and a Cloud Application Provider (Heroku) for the Server.

I’ll be around OSCON starting on Wednesday. I’d love to get together with some folks and do some code hacking. Let me know if you’re interested. Hope to see you at OSCON 2012!

  • James, can you please explain the difference between an HTML/JS RIA and a client/server app built with HTML/JS? Thanks.

    • Same thing.  :)

      • Ha ha. I’m glad to hear it.

        While trying to explain what RIAs are, I’ve often likened them to good old client/server architecture (though I’ve never before heard anybody else explain it that way). The beauty of this approach, of course, is that you can hang any number of different clients (e.g. mobile, web, desktop) off of the same services without changing a thing. Plus, with such a client-agnostic server-tier, you aren’t hedged into a single technology on the client side.

        Depending on a given client’s needs, we can use Flex, HTML/JS/CSS, AIR, etc. 

        And why the heck not? It’s BYOS: Build your own stack.

        • That is how I explain them too.  Check out this article I wrote:

  • Guest

    Is this going to be a restful api?

  • Foo

    Is this presentation online?

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