Getting Started with Play 2, Scala, and Squeryl

My friend Ryan Knight and I co-authored an article which has just been published on Artima: Getting Started with Play 2, Scala, and Squeryl. This article will help you get started building a Play 2 application from scratch that uses Scala and Squeryl for ORM. The article also covers how use ScalaTest, JSON, jQuery, CoffeeScript, and deployment on Heroku. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

  • Todd Mueller

    Very nice. Thanks for posting.

  • Yeah, I couldn’t understand some part in Play for Scala book. Yours made truly for newbie and great thanks for the wonderful ScalaTest explaination.

    However, there is a repeated words 2’s “adding” and 2’s “setting”:
    “Start by adding adding the ScalaTest dependency to the project and settingtestOptions setting. Update the project/Build.scala file to contain: “

    • Thanks James! I’ll try to get those fixed.

  • George

    Nice tutorial. Cleared up a lot of stuff!

    One question (or suggestion for a new tutorial): How does one make use of CDN hosted assets assets (like retrieving JQuery from or images stored in CloudFront)? I’m bewildered trying to get this to work.

    With in the HTML/Scala templates and the GET configs in conf/routes I can serve content from the local public/ directory. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to switch that to a remote location. When I say something like “GET…” in the routes file, it fails to compile with a “Compilation error [Identifier expected]” error (not liking the “http://” part).

    So, I’d be really curious to see what best/cleanest solutions are for pointing to external assets.

    — George