Java on Heroku Next Week at Cloudstock 2012

Next week in San Francisco at Cloudstock 2012 I will be doing a presentation called “Introduction to Heroku: Building Next Generation Apps”. Here is the session description:

Many emerging technology trends like PaaS, HTML5, mobile apps, API-driven development, and continuous deployment are changing the way we build and deliver software. Heroku is a polyglot cloud application platform at the forefront of these trends. This introductory session will teach you what Heroku is and how you can use it to build next-generation apps that make software delivery more efficient and scalable.

Check out the complete list of sessions. And register now before Cloudstock 2012 is sold out! Hope to see you there.

  • Cwiese

    James – have you try Play/Scala and the free GlobalDB ……Redis  is not going to cut it for me.   I need to load 200K rows from a database and present “aggregated data” on demand.  Needs to .groupBy fast and if the memory is used (many users with 200K rows), it needs to spill to disk.

  • What is GlobalDB?

  • Cwiese

    GlobalDB is from Intersystems – a scaled down version of Cache.   I just need a hashtable that will spill to disk when the memory is tight.   Trying to compute averages and sums on the fly like a SQL Group by …only faster that H2.

  • Cwiese
    • Cool!  I haven’t tried it but will have to check it out.