Just Released the S3Blobs Play Framework Module for Amazon S3

I’ve just posted the first release of the S3Blobs Play Framework Module. This module makes it easy to upload and download files from Amazon S3 from a JPA entity in a Play Framework Java application. This module is based on a POC that I did a few months ago, the JPA stuff from Tim Kral, and the modularization done by Roderik van der Veer. For more details on how to use the module check out the documentation, my tutorial (slightly out of date now), and the source code. This makes it really easy to save file uploads to an external system when running Play! apps on Heroku. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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  • Axel

    Great module, thanks James!

  • Working great! Thanks. 

    Anyway to delete files? With play.db.jpa.Blob you can call delete on an object.

    • I haven’t implemented this yet but I need to.  Want to help?  :)

  • Luke

    Is there a way to use this module with Play 2.0?

    • No.  I’ll be looking into this over the next few days.

      • Luke

        Awesome! I’ll keep an eye out for it.

        • Did you get it to work? I’m thinking to rewrite it but not sure if there is someone has done it already.

  • Hi James, without caching this is not a production solution. Is it possible somehow to add caching for all s3 requests? Actually s3 files do not change and s3blobs may cache all data safely. Without caching it may cost a lot of money.

    • You could definitely implement some caching in front of this. I think that should be local file system based.

  • RestoPad Solutions

    Any chance to have something similar in scala? Cheers

  • Allie

    Thank you SO much! Saved me so much time. It actually worked on the first try…. unbelievable!!!!

  • Aleks

    Any chance to use it in playframework 2?