Tour de Mobile Flex on iOS

Flex support for iOS apps is coming in June 2011!!! Here’s a little sneak peak of the Tour de Mobile Flex app running on iOS:

These are exciting times for developers! With Flex we will be able to use one technology and one code base to build apps for iOS, Android, Playbook, Windows, Mac, Linux, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc! Fun times!

  • That’s awesome! When Flex 4.5 is finished being optimized for iOS in June, will you or anyone else from Adobe be putting the Tour De Moble Flex app for iOS into the iTunes AppStore? As it would be a great to direct clients or potential clients to the app to show them the capabilities of Flex on iOS.

  • This is incredible for all of us that have been waiting to run Flex apps on iOS! Great work.

  • Lei

    So is the pre-release version of the Tour De Mobile have iOS support?

  • tom

    June 2011? or end of year 2011? how about 2012?
    to late… to slow adobe! i will never buy an adobe product:

    • Vvv

      Nice joke… :)

  • That is really exciting! The performance is impressive even in this early version. Can’t wait to see it evolve and launch. Sounds like just in time for us to roll out our iOS version…awesome.

  • Looks brilliant!

    Looking forward to trying it out for myself…

  • This is absolutely awesome. I’m trying to get it to build in a near-final 4.5 FB build and having some trouble. Some things are obvious (s:MobileApplication->s:ViewNavigatorApplicatoin, s:MobileItemRenderer->s:LabelItemRenderer, etc.), but some are not (lineBreak doesn’t exist on s:DataGrid – line 52 of CensusRemoting.mxml , can’t call navigator.backKeyUpHandler from the overridden backKeyUpHandler function in TourDeMobileFlex.mxml line 11). Do you have plans to release an updated version of the source?

    • Have you pulled down the latest code from github? The fxp is still for Buritto. When we release I’ll update it.

  • John

    James .. Are there any sources from Apple about maintaining their support? I’m curious because essentially Apple can pull the plug anytime and I thought they did a year or 2 ago …

    • Apps created with Flex and bundled for iOS are standard iOS applications consisting only of Objective-C Bytecode. By converting the Flex application to Objective-C Bytecode there is no longer a dependency on the ActionScript Virtual Machine. The process of converting an application to native Objective-C Bytecode is one employed by numerous other Apple accepted technologies like Appcelerator Titanium and Corona.

      • Laura

        This is totally awesome!!! I was a bit scared by Steve Job not knowing what he wanted? Will staff at the apple store be able to tell the difference? I’m asking because if so that could affect ranking.

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  • Twan

    Hi James,

    I am curious to know if Mobile Flex apps that uses a compiled swf library (merged into code) can still be ported to iOS? In general I am wondering about if there’s any limitations that a Mobile Flex app for iOS.

    • Yes. The only major limitation is that you can’t load bytes that are then executed at runtime. When classes are merged into code, they become part of the main application that is cross-compiled to Objective-C bytecode.

  • Thomas K

    Hi, James. Is the launch date still June of 2011?

    • Yeah! So sometime this month.

      • Laura

        Do you have a list where we can be notified?

      • Romeo Manzur

        June 16, launch is close?

  • I could not find Tour De Flex on App Store. Do I miss something?

  • Hi,

    I want to know only one thing, Application developed by Adobe Flex 4,5 will Accept by App Store or not. Pls clear this point strongly .
    One more thing also, Tour de Flex App is available or not App strore.

    Pls be straight forward and Answer Yes/No and reply soon.

    Prakash Kumar

    • Yes

      • Aswini

        With Flex 4.5 will it run in Safari?
        I know that Adobe Air applications can run accross multiple platforms but my concern is about Safari.
        Will Adobe flex web applications run in Safari?

  • adrian

    Hi James,

    Any news about the release on AppStore. Can you post a link? i cannot find it….


  • James, any update? I don’t see this on the App Store. Really anxious to have it to help evangelize Flex as a mobile platform option. Thanks!

    • I’m not sure. I’m no longer at Adobe so this really isn’t a priority for me. Someone could take the source and do it themselves.

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  • I have tried to compile the demo in Flex 4.6 with little success, any chance the demo may be updated to 4.6? ¬†Thanks.