• Tom Wilson

    Dude, I wish I could go to this! I fought the battle over the weekend just to get something simple to show up on an iPad.
    Are you covering the process of going from Flash Builder to iPhone/iPad and all the fire hoops you have to jump through?

    Will your presentation be available after the show?
    Can you use FlashBuilder to build an iPhone app? I ended up having to use the command line (amxmlc) because I couldn’t get a non-debug Air swf out of flashBuilder to pass to the iphone packager….

    • Hey Tom. I won’t be covering iPad stuff. And I honestly don’t know that much about it yet since the packager hasn’t yet been integrated with Flex. Once that happens I’ll get more into it.

  • Vivian Richard

    Hi James really need your help here!! I see all these code samples and demo by Christophe, Ted and Ryan Stewart – they are all using Flash Builder 4 to compile and package it using Android SDK. I tried to figure it how how they did it but with out any success then finally figure it out that actually they were all using AIR SDK 2.5!!!! Well not trying to find SDK 2.5 but with out any success. Still Adobe is providing 2.0.2 SDK here –

    So the question is where do I get SDK 2.5 for AIR for Android?

    Another request – please help us with a video tutorial on this whole process at your earliest convenience.

  • Tanweer

    Hi James, I am looking to use Android Voice Recognition feature in my AIR app. Can you please guide me how this can be possible.


    • I’m working on an article that will outline how this sort of thing can be done. Hopefully I’ll have it posted here in the next few weeks.

      • Tanweer

        Hi James,

        Did you get to any clue, how we can access Android Speech API from AIR application.

        • There isn’t a direct way to do this today. You can potentially do this through merging AIR APKs with Android APKs. Email me if you want some more details on that. jaward at adobe dot com