Top 10 Flex Contributors

Back in the day the FlexCoders Yahoo! Group was all the rage. It was the place where Flex rock stars like Alex Harui and Doug McCune hung out and helped the community learn Flex. But these days a lot of developers have turned to as their primary resource for getting answers to their technical questions. I started using Stack Overflow over a year ago primarily because it makes it easy to follow the conversation around a specific question and quickly identify the right answer. Stack Overflow totally nails what I need as a developer when I have problems and questions. Many Flex rock stars have stepped up and frequently answered questions on Stack Overflow and I wanted to highlight the top 10 contributors to the “Flex” tag.

As of June 18, 2010 the top 10 Flex contributors on Stack Overflow (based on “All Time” total score) are:

#1 Blog:
Twitter: @amrghosh
#2 Blog:
Twitter: @cliffmeyers
#3 Blog: #4 Whoot! That’s me!
Twitter: @riacowboy
#5 Blog: #6 Blog:
Twitter: @joshtynjala
#7 Blog:
Twitter: @herrodius
#8 Blog:
#9 #10

Thanks to everyone who contributes to the Flex community on Stack Overflow!