Upcoming Flex Presos: Cincinnati, Philly, Houston, and Dallas

Here are some upcoming presentations I’ll be doing about Flex:

I hope to see you at one of these events!

  • N Shen

    Hi James,

    When using Flex 4 (as client) with Java (as backend server) , does user have to use BlazeDS to communicate to server ( if using HTTPservice or web Service)?


    N. Shen

  • Hi N Shen,

    In Flex 4 you can connect via plain XML, SOAP Web Services, or AMF Remoting. Check out this video:


  • N Shen


    Thanks for your quick response.

    Currently, we have a Java application that use JUNG (http://jung.sourceforge.net/) to display dynamic graphing. Does Flex 4 have any similiar function to support those kind gaphing function ( either from XML file that passed from server to client)?


    N Shen

  • Check out Tour de Flex for some examples of the Data Visualization capabilities of the Flex SDK and third party Flex components.