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If you have a technical question that is unrelated to one of my blog posts, then here is what to do… If that question is specific to you and no one else in the developer community, then email me at jaward at adobe dot com (obfuscated to avoid spam). I will respond to your email but response times can greatly fluctuate. If you have a more general technical question that pertains to the broader developer community then do the following (this option will usually yield a response within hours):

  1. Ask a Question on StackOverflow.com
  2. Post a comment here with a link to the question
  3. Wait for me or someone else on StackOverflow to respond
  • Farid Valipour

    Dear James
    Thanks for prompt reply.
    It works fine and smooth in my Galaxy tab too.
    would you pls send me the source of it , to help me find out my coding problem ?

    I really appreciate.

    Farid Valipour

  • Farid Valipour

    Dear James

    Thanks and appreciate.
    Let me check it .

    Farid Valipour

  • Hi James,
    I’m attempting to write a custom RegExpValidator in AS3 (similar to this). I’m wondering (and I’ve checked livedocs…), what is the ‘flags’ property on a RegExpValidator used for?

    I’ve posted my question on StackOverflow, thanks in advance!

  • Jeremy Crane

    I just posted a question on Stackoverflow.com and would appreciate it if you could take a peek at. Thanks.

  • Ben

    Dear James,

    I’m a beginner on Flex4, and I have a challenge:
    Supposing we have two textInput (to insert numbers) and a label to contain the sum.
    I’de like to have the sum changing dynamically while changing the numbers without using events at all in AS.
    I’m thinking about double binding,… I’ll be really grateful if u have any idea or starting point to this issue.

    Best regards.


  • James,

    I’ve got a question-as-a-comment on StackOverflow . Would you mind taking a look at it?

    I’m trying to update a Model object per some user input in a (editable) DataGrid and I want to run a client-side Validator (custom implementation – done) and then validate it against the server. I know “All IO in Flex is asynchronous” , but there must be a standard way to do something like this right?

    Please help if you can! And thanks for all the help thus far! :)

  • Mike Cui

    Hi I just posted a question concerning problems loading an SWF into Android AIR.

    Here is the .

    Thanks for helping out if you have a spare moment. :-)

    • Mike Cui

      Well that’s embarrassing. Let’s try that again.

      The link.

  • Farid Valipour

    Dear Jamse
    Hope you are doing well.
    pls take a look to the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxPnOmhva_s .

    I wanna make something like that but simple, just control mouse from an mobile device so anybody can
    use this app for any type of presentation .
    I know I must use of p2p and wifi to send the data to air server on pc , but i dont wanna know which api used to move and click mouse with AIR server on pc(the data of mouse points sent via mobile).

    Thanks and appreciate

    Farid Valipour

  • Besi

    I finally updated to flex4 and adobe air 2.6 and everything seemed to be fine until I realised that it is now sort of a big issue to update the old application (flex4 and adobe air 1.0) to update to the new version.

    This is the question on stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6239713

    Thanks for any help on this!

  • Kirti Kishan

    Hi James,

    I have been following most of the example’s to integrate Salesforce + Flex (AIR) to build an application which would showcase offline capabilities. I guess there are two ways to do it: 1) using the flexforforce API i.e. using Flex for Force.com project using flash builder and 2) using force.com toolkit for Adobe Air and flex.

    With the first approach i was able to achieve the offline capability but many times the sync hasn’t been happening properly bcoz of the property lastModifiedDate ( fault code: ENTITY_FAILED_IFLASTMODIFIED_ON_UPDATE ). I guess the value of lastModifiedDate of localSQlLite DB is different from the server one’s due to which sync has failed.

    With the second approach i have been using flexforforce.swc ( the latest build ) and i have been facing problem when i go offline i.e. my application throws as error……. ArgumentError: Error #2004: One of the parameters is invalid at flash.utils::ByteArray/writeObject()……… how do i overcome this issue in the newwer version? Can i get the old version (as3Salesforce.swc, as3SalesforceAir.swc) of toolkit where offline sync works properly ??

    How do i overcome these issues, please can you provide with your inputs with right kind of approach to attain the offline capabilities to my application.

    Thanks in Advance :-)

    • Kirti Kishan

      oops just a correction…… With the second approach i have been using force-air.swc ( the latest build ) but not flexforforce.swc…….. !!!

  • John

    James .. Are there any reference sites that explain the limitations of developing Flex apps for either the iOS or Android? Such as what components are not supported or should be called from AS rather than be layed out with MXML due to performance issues ..etc


  • Brendan

    Hi James, I have come across your post about integrating adobe air script within a native android app, this gives me great hope. I have an air app which runs fine on android to connect devices using wifi, however as there is no bluetooth support I have been playing about with an android bluetoothchat demo and have this connecting to my server app now using bluetooth. I would somehow like to use the ui of adobe air app with the socket communication of the native android app/code.

    Is this possible and if yes is it worth me going down that path rather than try to totally recreate everything to do with ui and events in native android code?

    Really appreciate any input you can give.


  • Guillaume

    Hi James,
    I looked at your census2 app (and source code) and wondering what the parse time you display on the chart bar, means.
    When retrieving XML, is there any kind of cast to VO occuring when you get the result ? (so you would have to parse the result).
    I didn’t find the source code of the datagrid populating process since it’s hold by an external swf.


    • For XML to Objects the parse time is the time it takes to go from all of the XML being loaded on the client to all of the data in VOs.

      • Guillaume

        Ok thank you for the quick answer.
        When you say “…go from all of the XML being loaded on the client to all of the data in VOs”
        by VOs you just mean untyped objecst and not CensusEntryVO right ? From what I can see, in the XML AS test you just “SimpleXMLDecoder.decode() ” the xml.
        Sorry for bothering you, I just want to be sure I understand and analyze correctly the results of the Census tests.

        • Sorry. I was not remembering correctly. I only use the VO for AMF. The XML is just a plain Object.

  • pure999

    hi – i am just getting into force.com and  saw ur DreamForce presentation.  nice! 
    not sure if you can help,

    i ask, just in case:
    in past, ive worked with pdfs, stripping content (both table format as abbyy ocr does and pure text), strip TOCs and metadata etc… from pdf into app.

    does sf and adobe have anything geared for that?  i looked in their repository/content app and nothing i could see.  

    pdf is preferred output method for few of my clients. so they receive input this way. so far input 2 sf is very clunky that i have come across.

    any links to / jump tos
    be appreciated.
    thankyou in advance

    • I’m sure there is a way to do that, but I don’t know if there is something out-of-the-box that will help.  Sorry.

  • I am facing a problem, while I want to run a flex program in apche server then resouce is not found error shown in browser. Plz help me…..wheather I have done any wrong in configuration?