Get The Tour de Flex DVD

The Adobe Platform Evangelism team has created a DVD so that everyone can take the Tour de Flex! Included in the DVD is:

If you or someone you love needs to experience Flex…
If you attend a user group with members that need to behold the beauty of Flex…
If you have friends / colleagues that have not yet experienced the joy of Flex…

… Then please email gwilson at adobe dot com with the subject of “Flex DVD” and with the following info:

  • Your mailing address
  • Number of DVDs you need
  • Reason you need so many
  • Reason you don’t need more
  • Reason you still have a DVD player in your computer (come on people it’s 2009!)

We hope that this will help every developer, every where, experience the love of Flex.


UPDATE: For now the DVD is only available in the US. More details on Greg Wilson’s blog.

  • Farid

    I love the picture with the Macbook pro behind it.

    Did you James let go of your Linux laptop ?

    BTW great initiative, I may order a couple of them, provided you can ship them to Paris, France ;^)

    Cheers !


  • virat

    I love to do Flex.
    It is possible to ship in India ?
    May i order ?


  • @Farid

    Haha. No Mac for me. Greg Wilson took the picture. I still have a ThinkPad with Ubuntu Linux.

    I’ll check and see if we can send them internationally.

  • We can ship these international. So please follow the instructions wherever you are!


  • John Resler

    Hi James,
    I listened to your Flex/Spring integration presentation last night at the Phoenix JUG. I was the guy that annoyed you with a lot of questions :). It was a great presentation. I have another question for you regarding the browser communication issue you demonstrated with primary and alternate channels. Is that a browser per-website issue or just a browser instance issue? In other words, is every browser limited that way, is it just IE, do Firefox, or Safari behave this way? How about Chrome with its effective separate process per-tab instance? Thanks for putting up with stupid questions.

    – JR

  • Hi John,

    It was great having you ask all those keen questions! Thanks!

    The browsers decide how many concurrent connections they will give per server. And this can vary depending on the version of the browser. I’m not sure where to find out how many each browser gives but I do know that most of the internet surfing population are limited to two concurrent connections per server (or cname). I hope that helps.


  • Johnwu

    Hi James :

    I’m a Web developer of java, I want Get The Tour de Flex DVD, How get it? thank you .

  • Hi Johnwu,

    Please see the instructions above.


  • break

    mailing address
    Number of DVDs i need : 5
    Reason i need so many : i’m a fan of flex and some friends in my school love flex too
    Reason i don’t need more : we can share these dvds

  • Hi break,

    Please follow the instructions above. Also we will need your physical mailing address.


  • break


    mailing address:

    Chinese: ???????????????????05???? ???
    English?Huaihua City, Hunan Province of China, Huaihua College , Department of Computer Science, grade 05, class 2. shi zuwu

    (Translations are possible such like these?sorry about this?my English proficiency is limited… ) .But I think you can understand this address

  • break


    your website is not support for chinese charactor.

    Can I get these dvds in China?

  • Hi break,

    Please email gwilson at adobe dot com with the subject of “Flex DVD” and with the information specified above.

    BTW: I’m not sure why my wordpress doesn’t support Chinese characters. I need to fix that.


  • break

    thanks, and can you tell me how can i find gwilson (Are you talking about Greg Wilson?)
    I can’t find any subject of “Flex DVD”

  • break

    I can’t wait for your answer.
    If you can give me an answer.I’ll check it tomorrow.
    thank you so much.

  • break

    I have found his website ?thank you all the same

  • break

    Did I misunderstand your words before?

  • Singh

    Why not upload the iso file to filesharing site or torrent site? Then that way everyone can experience the wonders of Flex regardless of which country they are in.

    Plus you save the environment with less postage / delivery :)

  • Hi Singh,

    Anyone can download the items via the links above.