Flex Gumbo Sample – Pretty Button with FXG

Development of the next version of Flex, codenamed Gumbo, is well underway. I’d really encourage everyone to go grab a build and give it a whirl. I did because I wanted to see how I could take a sample I built with Flex 3, Degrafa, and AnimateColor and build the same thing with Flex Gumbo. Here’s that version:

And here is the new version built with Gumbo and FXG (requires Flash Player 10):

The code for this new version is pretty elegant. The interesting part is the custom skin:

I had to write the FXG by hand which really wasn’t very hard but ideally in the future a designer can just give me the FXG code, exported from their design tools.

This was a fun experiment. Let me know what you think of Flex Gumbo code for this new version.