Around the World with Flex and Adobe AIR

Over the next few months I’ll be going around the world (literally) speaking about Flex and Adobe AIR. Here’s a quick rundown on where I’ll be:

Wednesday March 25 in Las Vegas: TheServerSide Java Symposium – Co-presenting with Eddie O’Neil from BEA

Thursday March 26 in Philadelphia: Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise – Porting from Web 1.0 to RIA in the Enterprise

Thursday April 3 in Bangalore, India: Adobe RIA Architect Summit 2008 – Best Practices for Building Flex/AIR applications

Tuesday April 15 in Atlanta: BEA Dev2Dev TechDays – Developing a Rich UI with Flex in Eclipse & Connecting a Flex UI to the back-end SOA (The Dev2Dev Tour is also going around the world with many other great Adobe speakers.)

Wednesday April 16 in New York:’s Tour de Force (Also going around the world with other Adobe speakers.)

Friday April 18 in New York: Flex Camp Wall Street – Offline Reporting in Rich Internet Applications & From Tags to Riches with Shashank Tiwari

May 5 in San Francisco: CommunityOne – Hanging out with my Redmonk friends and possibly a session

May 6 – 9 in San Francisco: JavaOne – On Wednesday Chet Haase and I will be doing a late afternoon session at the Metreon followed by drinks and pool at Julian’s. Also you won’t want to miss Stephan Janssen’s presentation “ An Adobe Flex/AIR and JavaFX™ Case Study

June 25 in Zurich, Switzerland: Jazoon 08 – Rich Internet Applications with Flex and Java

There are also a number of other great events going on that other Adobe people will be speaking at, but unfortunately I couldn’t fit into my schedule:

onAIR Europe Tour

360|Flex Europe April 7-9, 2008 in Milan, Italy

And others…

I hope to see you somewhere along the way!

  • Douglas McCarroll


    Do you know of any resources that cover using RemoteObject with BlazeDS from AIR?


  • Hi Douglas,

    I don’t – but I’ve done it and it works fine. Just make sure that the channel URLs in your services-config.xml file contain a server name and port since otherwise your application won’t know what to connect to. You could also use runtime configuration to set those values rather than have them in the services-config.xml file. Let me know if that helps or if you run into and problems.


  • Awesome James. I’d love for you to squeeze in a blog post about your travel tips and techniques. You must have accumulated many with all the traveling you’ve been doing!

  • James,
    you’ve skipped all the italian dates :((
    It’s a shame not to meet you again soon ….

    Have a great time around the globe !


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  • Hi James,

    Thanks for the confirmation that BlazeDS Remoting does, in fact, work in AIR. I’d already run across mention of the issue regarding using tokens in the channel definition, but couldn’t get runtime configuration to work in my app.

    I decided that a good first step would be to convert the testdrive-remoteobject sample application to an AIR version. I’m happy to report success, and I’ve blogged all the details at So now, the next time someone asks if you know of any resources on this, you can point them at that. :)

    Next step is to implement this in my app. I’ll let you know if I run into problems there.



  • I am listening to u right now at Bangalore. Its good to have you here James.

  • How do I get a job as a technology evangelist! All those exotic ports of call, very James Bond.