Vote for my Flex bugs and I’ll vote for yours!

A little bug in the Flex Bug DB made it so you could only vote for open bugs – which is kinda silly since deferred bugs are marked as “closed”. Well that bug has been fixed and now it’s time for the Flex Bug Voting Exchange to commence! Here’s how it works – for each bug you vote for of mine (ones I own or just like) – I’ll vote for one of yours! Bugs in bold are worth 2 votes. Just post your bugs you want me to vote for in the comments here. But make sure you vote for mine! Ok, so go and vote for these:

  • I encourage folks to go vote for bugs they care about. But I will warn that 1-for-1 trading my not pay off in the end because we will not be fixing everything and # of votes will be one factor used to rank what we address; so simply adding votes to all bugs does not necessarily mean that more bugs gets fixed…

  • Right. Thanks for the clarification Matt. Please only vote for bugs you care about. But please also care about the bugs I care about – because I care about the bugs you care about. :)


  • # Option to obfuscate .swf files to discourage/frustrate decompiling

    Really encourage to vote for this one. I’ll vote tonight.

  • Booleans properties should give the user the auto-complete true/false options
    Created: 08/15/07 09:44 AM

    Hmm, this works in FlexBulder3 beta 3.

  • Hi Bill,

    This works on some things but not everything. For instance in Flex Builder for Linux Alpha 2 the hinting works on things like a Button’s enabled property but it doesn’t seem to work on a custom class that has a Boolean property.


  • And by the way… I reserve the right to not vote for your bugs if I really don’t care about them. And like-wise you shouldn’t vote for my bugs if you really don’t care about them.


  • Hi Jim, I just voted for 14327 (contexts menu).
    I now *suggest* you to care about one I care about, xsd:all elements should not be treated as xsd:sequence elements.

  • Hi Tech Per,

    Thanks for bringing that bug to my attention. I believe I’ve hit that same bug when working with Axis so I’ve voted for it.

    Thanks for voting for the context menu bug. Although I would have voted for your xsd:all bug even if you hadn’t voted for the context menu bug. :)


  • Feature Request: Dynamic Proxies –

  • Thanks Christophe. I forgot about that one. I’ve voted for it!

  • josh

    Hi James,

    I tried voting for FB-11337 (Users should be able to browse components and SDKs (e.g., yahoo maps SDK) from directly within Flex Builder and import them into the project with the click of a button), but I received a Permission Violation error. Is this bug private? I would have contacted the administrators through the web interface, but it just lists people to contact and not their actual contact information.


  • Hey, James —

    Thanks for introducing me to the Flex Bug DB! I’ve just filed my first — this hit me right after your presentation with Bruce at JavaPolis, and if the net connection there had been a little faster (and I’d been able to download the FlexBuilder 3 beta faster), I probably would have just buttonholed you to ask you if I was on crack. But since it’s not just my code that doesn’t compile, but the sample code from the Flex 2.0.1 spec:

    FB-11969: Initializing const instance variable in constructor results in illegal assignment error

    If this is a language change that I should have known about, just let me know and I’ll mark it resolved myself. Meanwhile, I’ll go browse your bugs…

  • Hi Josh,

    It does look like that one is marked “internal” for some reason. Feel free to file another feature request like that one. I’ve heard other talk about this package manager-like functionality. I think it’s a great idea. But the feature request will need votes. :) Let me know if you file it so I can go vote for it. Also I’ve removed that from my list so that it doesn’t cause confusion.


  • Hi David,

    That seems like a pretty significant problem. I haven’t run into it but that seems like it should be fixed asap.


  • Cameron

    Every one should really care about this bug, because well it makes my life harder. ;)

    Remote Headers are being passed from the server but not showing up in flex

    I voted for your Code Completion and Obfuscate bugs.

  • Hi Cameron,

    I’ve run into that same problem. Thanks for bringing that bug to our attention.


  • Adam Brod
  • I’ve voted for several of the above. Would ANYONE that uses WEB SERVICES **please** vote for this one:

    Adobe’s response was to close it and state that you need to buy LCDS in order to get fault details from web services. All I want to know is what caused the exception – I shouldn’t have to make my client pay thousands of dollars just to see an error message.

    Even better – if someone has a solution to it let me know! :)

    Thanks Ya’ll!

  • One more – Global Exception Handling:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be notified via email of an exception you didn’t count on, instead of having the users just say “nothing happened”.

    Unless you wrap each and every piece of code in try/except this is not possible. If anyone knows of a way, I would like to know.

    We need more voting days like this! Woo-hoo!

    -Pat Buchanan

  • Hi Pat & Adam,

    Thanks for pointing those out. They are very important bugs to get fixed.


  • Jon

    Header separator on last column:

    A small annoyance and a 30second bug fix. The datagrid class applies a header separator to the right of each column header, this is fine but it also applies a separator between the last (right most) column and the border which makes it look unbalanced and difficult to style. I am yet to come across the need for a separator between the right most column and the border…

    Thanks Jon

  • Henk

    I voted for (context menu), as I’ve had to implement quite a bit of a hack to do something similar, and slalom my way around player bugs (see
    I also voted for (link type external) as I think this should be optimal right out of the box.

    I’d like to raise some awareness for focus problems:
    1. when opening popup windows:
    2. focus problem for default button:

  • Tom

    Lots of good defects to fix here, I’ve voted for most of them.
    I’d like to see the Timer class fixed since it can drift by a second per minute!

    For a better work around than mine and source for building an accurate time keeper see John Dalziel’s

  • This is definitely my top 3 and they are missing from your list:

    Dynamic Proxies:
    Ability to intercept system error dialogs:
    Private and protected constructors:

  • Thanks Marcel. I’d already voted for the Dynamic Proxies bug. But I did add my vote for SDK-11423. As far as ASC-3073 goes, I don’t think it’s going to happen until the ES4 spec has private / protected constructors.