Building an Adobe AIR application on with Flex 3

One of my old blogs has been turned into a full article on the Adobe Developer Connection and updated for Flex 3 Beta 2 & Adobe AIR Beta 2:
Building an Adobe AIR application on with Flex 3

Also a recording of the session that I hosted at Dreamforce has been posted on the Apex Developer Network:
Make Your App *Bling*: Build Amazing Salesforce Apps Using Adobe Tech. (click on “Apex & Beyond” then scroll down to the session)

Lastly, in the next few weeks we will be releasing an update to the Flex Toolkit for Apex which adds simple local caching for AIR applications. More information as soon as we finishing implementing the basic CRUD functions.

  • Ola Muldal

    Hi great example, except that I’m stuck at the login :p

    I just get “Login error!”, even if I have ensured it is the correct username and password to my developer account.

  • You should try to compile and run our test app:

    It’s the salesforce.mxml application. If you run that application with your username / password you will be able to see a more detailed log of the soap messages and Flex Toolkit for Apex logging.

    Let me know if that helps.


  • Ola Muldal

    Only works inline (SControl), do i have to turn on some kind of “public” setting somewhere in my salesforce account to be able to access from an external application?

  • Ola Muldal

    Yep, finally found it, had to add my IP to “Trusted IP ranges”, now it works as a charm

  • Are you running the app from the local file system or from another server?

  • Ola Muldal

    Building a testapp for local filesystem yes, wouldnt that be given since the example is for AIR?

  • AIR applications shouldn’t have any problems with this since they don’t have the same network security policies as Flash Player in the browser. With Flash Player in the browser if your SWF is running from the local filesystem it doesn’t have network access unless you “trust” the swf. So you were running this as an AIR application when you got the “Login error!”? That seems strange.

  • Ola Muldal

    Um, sorry if I didnt make myself clear in the previous comments, but I figured out that the problem was not in Flash, but in my salesforce account. After adding my IP to the “Trusted IP ranges” in my salesforce developer account, Flash/AIR worked just fine.

    Might be worth having a note about it in the article though :)