Flex Builder for Linux!!!

I love vi. I’ve been doing Flex development on Linux for about three years – mostly with vi. But to be honest when building complex applications it is nice to have things like code hinting and integrated debugging. I’m sure you *could* make vi do that with Flex but I am not brave enough to attempt to figure that out. So I’m extremely excited that Adobe is releasing a version of Flex Builder for Linux! You can download Flex Builder for Linux from the labs.adobe.com site right now!

Having Flex Builder for Linux really empowers us Linux geeks to easily build Rich Internet Applications. Flex 2 & Flex 3 applications can run in the browser via Flash Player 9 which has been available for Linux for more than a year. To run Flex applications as Desktop applications we need the Adobe Integrated Runtime, AIR. Adobe AIR isn’t yet available for Linux. But I’ve been having pretty good success testing / debugging Flex based AIR applications on Linux over the past few weeks since I discovered that you can use Wine and adl.exe to run AIR applications on Linux.

This is great news for developers – especially developers that use Linux! But do I miss vi? I really do. I really wish there were vi key bindings in Eclipse (and there probably is but I haven’t found a project that does that yet). Go give the new Flex Builder for Linux a try and let us know how it goes! Please file bugs and feature requests on the public Flex bug database.

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  • pan69

    The funny thing is that if FB for Linux would have been released the same time as the Windows and OSX versions I probably would have bought it. However, in the meantime I’ve set up a work flow on Linux that works pretty well and that I’m quite happy with. And since I don’t need the visual design element of FB at all, I’ll probably will not end up buying a copy of this product. I do appreciate the effort though…

  • Wow, that’s great news! I can’t believe I missed that little nugget information. I’ve been developing AIR applications on Vista for six months now, and hating every minute of it. I’m looking forward to firing up Ubuntu tomorrow and checking it out. Thanks for the post.

  • Never used it myself but looks really current.


  • BONG!

  • hmm, pretty underwhelming really, as Pan69 says you’ve been able to do this for ages anyway. This alpha doesn’t even contain a working design view, so as far as I can see it’s just an official version of the hack that’s been around for over a year. (http://blog.eshangrao.com/index.php/2007/01/16/324-flexbuilder-201-for-linux)

  • If I’m not mistaken, FB is just an Eclipse plugin. It was at least when I used it last. So I have no idea what the delay is in getting the plugin released for linux. Eclipse has been running on Linux forever.

  • Hey,

    i have a serious question!

    What would you as Flex-Linux Guru advice me for a 64 bit Ubuntu/Linux? What Editor should i use?
    I worked on Windows for more than 10 years, shure i played a bit with linux but not serious. Now after an System-Crash-Down with Vista, the “new” ugly Windows OS, i decided to work on Linux.

    But i don’t find a way, to use my 64 bit System Power and combine Flex Development (e.g. FlexBuilder). But I have to develop Flex-Apps.

    (I am a FlexUG Manager, so it would be very distressing for me, if i would have to say:’sorry i can’t programm right now..’ *gg*)


  • Adam

    I’ve always been lazy and installed a 32 bit OS even on 64 bit hardware, it’s just easier and unless you need the extra ram I’m not sure you get any real advantages from going 64 bit (…yet anyway). If you do need to run 32 bit apps on 64 bit Debian there’s apparently a few different options…


    Oh, and related to the original post, the new FDT3 also works fine on Ubuntu so that’s become my new coding home while I’m transitioning between AS2 to AS3, still not too impressed with Flex on Linux (except that it’s still running and not asked for a key, so that’s saved a few hundred quid :)

  • I heard about FDT3, but it is quite expensive. And i am a student, and you know the FlexBuilder is free for students ;)

    But thanks a lot for your reply!

  • Adam

    FDT also apparently has a student version, although there’s not much info on it on the site, check at the bottom of the page here..