“Make Me Sexy Flexy!” Demo From JavaPolis

The buzz around Flex at JavaPolis last week was unreal. It’s great to see so many Java developers get excited about the sexy UIs you can so easily build with Flex! I even had numerous people approach me throughout the week and show me some cool Flex app they built in their first day of Flex programming. Java developers everywhere are falling in love with Flex!

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My “Flex and Java” session on Friday was tons of fun. In a few minutes I was able to build “Sexy Flexy”, an application with a Sexy Flex front-end and a simple Hibernate back-end. The application allowed users to take their picture, enter their name, and save them to the database. Then using Flex Data Services these pictures push in real-time out to all of the people using the application. I was hoping that everyone in the audience with a web cam would get on my wireless network and use the application… True audience participation! Unfortunately my wireless router was not cooperating, so it was just Christoph Rooms and I taking pictures. Oh-well. But I have posted the application (slightly modified). Check it out:

Make me Sexy Flexy!

If you are interested in seeing the code, it’s on SourceForge. Special thanks to Ely Greenfield for his DisplayShelf, Carousel, and all the help; Narciso Jaramillo for the DragPanel, Reflector, and SelfLabelingTextInput; Tinic Uro for the PNG Encoder. And thanks to all those who attended my sessions at JavaPolis! It was a fantastic event!