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Presenting in SF: sbt-web & Reactive All the Way Down

This week I will be presenting twice in San Francisco at SF Scala: Thursday April 10: Introducing sbt-web – A Node & WebJar Compatible Asset Pipeline for the Typesafe Platform sbt-web is a new web asset pipeline for Play Framework and other sbt-based frameworks. It can pull dependencies from both Node and WebJars. The pipeline [...]

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Presenting Play Framework and Reactive This Week in Boulder, Dallas, and Vancouver

This week I’ll be circling around North America presenting about Play Framework and Reactive Apps. Here is the lineup: Tuesday Feb 11 in Boulder, Colorado at the Boulder JUG: 6pm – Intro to Play Framework7:30pm – Building Reactive Apps Wednesday Feb 12 in Dallas, Texas at the Java MUG: 6:30pm – Building Reactive Apps Thursday [...]

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NightHacking with Play Framework and Scala

At Devoxx 2013 Stephen Chin interviewed me on his NightHacking video podcast about Play Framework, Scala, and Reactive. Here is the recording with some live coding fun:

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Play Framework and IntelliJ IDEA 13

IntelliJ IDEA 13 has been released! My favorite new feature is the sbt project support that alleviates the need to generate project files for Play Framework apps. Here is a short screencast that will show you how to create a new Play app with Typesafe Activator and then open that project in IntelliJ IDEA 13: [...]

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Intro to Reactive Composition with the Typesafe Reactive Platform

Reactive apps are all the rage lately. The Reactive Manifesto now has over 2000 signatures and all of my recent presentations about Reactive have been packed. I’ve just recorded a screencast that explains the async and non-blocking aspect of Reactive. This screencast walks through how to do Reactive Requests and Reactive Composition with the Typesafe [...]

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Play Framework and Reactive Presos in New York

This week I will be in New York presenting about Play Framework and Reactive Apps. Here is the lineup: Diving Into Play Framework’s Deep End – Tuesday, October 8 Play Framework is simple to get started with, but it also has some very advanced and powerful features. This session will explore some of these features, [...]

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Building Reactive Apps with the Typesafe Platform

It is becoming pretty clear that Reactive is the next big thing in software. But there aren’t very many resources yet about how to actually build a Reactive application. Recently I hosted a webinar about “Building Reactive Apps with the Typesafe Platform” where I tried to explain Reactive in a tangible way using the Reactive [...]

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An Alternative to Required API Keys

Requiring API keys to JSON services for publicly available data is leading us down the unfortunate path to screen scraping and HTML parsing. The justification for requiring API keys is that abuses of these data APIs are rampant and without the keys there would be no way to deal with bad behavior. Rate limiting is [...]

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OSCON Workshop: 6 Minute Apps! Build Your First Modern Web App

Next week at OSCON 2013 in Portland I’ll be leading a hands-on workshop on Monday at 1:30pm where we’ll build a modern web app with Play Framework and Scala. Here are the details: 6 Minute Apps! Build Your First Modern Web App The web application landscape is rapidly shifting back to a Client/Server architecture. This [...]

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