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This Week: Europe JUG Tour and SAP / Adobe Nanoconference

The last few weeks my wife and I have been tromping around the Alps (and we climbed Mont Blanc!) Now it’s time to get back to work. This week I’m visiting a few Java User Groups to talk about the usual topics: Adobe AIR and Flex Here is the schedule: July 7 – Zurich Java […]

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Thinking in Flex Presentation from JavaPolis 2007 is Online

The Thinking in Flex keynote which Bruce Eckel, Christoph Rooms, and I did at JavaPolis 2007 has been posted! Check it out! Let me know what you think. BTW: Don’t you love that is a Flex app?!? And they also have an Adobe AIR version of their app which works pretty well on Linux. […]

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James Ward is a Sell-Out

I’ve gone commercial. Kinda. I just bought and it is now my primary domain name instead of I liked the .org URL but it’s a less familiar URL to non-geeks. You say .com and everyone knows what you mean. The .org will still work – redirects right to here. So I’m a sell-out. […]

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Help me fix my blog [solved]

One of the “problems” with using Flex so much is that I get used to having a simple, predictable layout mechanism. I seem to have forgotten how to do just about anything in HTML. So can someone help me fix the Digg, Reddit, and Share This stuff below? I’ve tried and tried and can’t figure […]

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Eckel Flex eSeminar; Buni Joins; Twitter Addiction

Yesterday was an exciting day! Bruce Eckel and I hosted an eSeminar about Flex & Java. We had a few technical difficulties, but overall it was very good. You can watch the recording here: Bruce and I have a few more eSeminars coming up, find out more info here: Also yesterday the Open […]

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Bye, Bye plog

I finally had time to finish my upgrade to WordPress. So hopefully I will be doing more blogging now. In case anyone else needs to migrate from plog to WordPress, you can download the really hacky php script I used. Oh if you received a comment approved email from me for a comment you posted […]

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