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Improved Open Source Testing Tools for Flex

Back in the early days of Flex there wasn’t much for doing unit testing, automated testing, performance testing, etc. Thanks to the community there are now numerous open source testing tools for Flex. Here are some recent updates you should definitely check out if you are building production Flex apps: FlexUnit 4.1 Beta 1 FlexMonkey […]

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RIA Weeky #41: Portals and RIAs – Flex and Open Source

Last week I was able to be a guest speaker on the RIA Weekly podcast. In the episode Coté and I talked about RIAs in Portals, Flex and Open Source, and other various topics. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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Upcoming Conference Presentations: GeoWeb, OSCON, and LinuxWorld

Over the next few weeks I’ll be presenting at a few conferences: GeoWeb – Map Based RIA Development Using Adobe Flex and AIR with Duane Nickull OSCON – Flex: the Open Source SDK for RIAs also with Duane LinuxWorld – Building Rich Internet Applications with an Open Source Stack I hope to see some of […]

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Adobe Open Source Presentation in New York Tomorrow

Tomorrow night I’ll be presenting at the New York GNU/Linux Meetup Group about Adobe Open Source – including the Adobe Flex SDK, Mozilla Tamarin, Adobe AIR (pieces like SQLite and WebKit), and BlazeDS. More details here. Hope to see you there!

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Tamarin-Tracing: Mozilla’s New VM for ECMAScript 4

[Update: QVM was an internal Adobe codename. The new VM’s name seems to be “Tamarin-Tracing”. For more info on this new VM read the announcement by Edwin Smith. Edwin doesn’t explicitly state that the VM is for mobile devices but it is hinted at. However the research paper that Edwin references does state that this […]

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Exchange MAPI Connector for Evolution

Just a quick note to say how excited I am that Evolution will be getting a MAPI Connector! I’ve been using Evolution with Exchange since 2003. Thankfully it works – but for me it crashes quite often. So I’m really excited about the prospect of a better Exchange connector. Screen scraping is just too brittle […]

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Ajax and Flex Data Loading Benchmarks

For close to a year I’ve been working (in my infrequent spare time) on an application that shows differences in data loading for RIAs (Rich Internet Applications), comparing Ajax methods, Ajax frameworks, and various Flex methods. The results are pretty surprising. The screenshot below is from a test run I did with the server running […]

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Open Source Flex: Top 10 Reasons To Rejoice

Flex is going Open Source! This is really, really exciting news! I’ve been looking forward to this moment since before I worked at Macromedia. This will certainly change RIA programming in a major way. But what does this mean for you: 1) There will be a formal process for contributing to Flex. 2) Your voice […]

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Eckel Flex eSeminar; Buni Joins; Twitter Addiction

Yesterday was an exciting day! Bruce Eckel and I hosted an eSeminar about Flex & Java. We had a few technical difficulties, but overall it was very good. You can watch the recording here: Bruce and I have a few more eSeminars coming up, find out more info here: Also yesterday the Open […]

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