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My Video from MAX 2009 – Introduction to BlazeDS and LCDS

Here is the video of my session from MAX 2009 – Introduction to BlazeDS and LCDS. In this session I walk through the basics of connecting Flex applications to BlazeDS and LCDS. Let me know what you think!

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Adobe and Unite RIA and The Cloud

The two major trends transforming software right now are Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and Cloud Computing / Software as a Service (SaaS or PaaS). These trends are driven by two needs: Full client capabilities, which allow software to perform optimally and increase usability Easy deployment, which allows developers to focus on business needs instead of […]

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My MAX 2009 Sessions

MAX 2009 is coming fast! It’s going to be another great event with tons of great speakers and after party fun. Here are my sessions this year: Introduction to BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services Designing for Augmented Reality Building Flex and Adobe AIR Service Clients 2009 Flex and Adobe AIR Boot Camp Also Drunk on […]

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Protected Messaging in Flex with BlazeDS and LCDS

UPDATE: BlazeDS 4 and LCDS 3.1 now have built-in support to disallow subscriptions to wildcard subtopics. Just set the following parameter on the messaging destination’s server properties: <disallow-wildcard-subtopics>false</disallow-wildcard-subtopics> You no longer need to use the ProtectedMessagingAdapter from the code examples below in order to protect your messages. One of the great things about Flex is […]

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Adobe TV – Data Synchronization with Flex and LCDS

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RTMP Spec To Be Opened

A little over a year ago Adobe opened the AMF spec. Now Adobe has announced it will be opening the RTMP spec! Wahoo!!! This is big news for Flex developers! For those that don’t know, RTMP is the streaming protocol used for streaming video and audio in Flash Media Server and for streaming data in […]

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Take the Tour de Flex

Over the past few months Greg Wilson, Christophe Coenraets, and myself have been hard at work on a secret project. So today we are proud to announce the new Tour de Flex has just gone live! Tour de Flex showcases the capabilities of Flex, BlazeDS, LCDS, Adobe AIR, and Flash Player (now collectively called the […]

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Podcast about Adobe AIR, Flex and BlazeDS / LCDS

A podcast I recently did with Chariot Solutions has just been published. Let me know what you think.

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Video: Flex and Java

Here is the recording of a presentation I gave at the NLJUG a few weeks ago on Flex and Java. I hope you find this useful. Let me know what you think.

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