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Jekyll on Heroku

Jekyll is simple static content compiler popularized by GitHub Pages. If you use Jekyll in a GitHub repo a static website will automatically be created for you by running Jekyll on your content sources (e.g. Markdown). That works well but there are cases where it is nice to deploy a Jekyll site on Heroku. After […]

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New Adventures with Play, Scala, and Akka at Typesafe

Today I’m heading out on a new adventure at Typesafe, the company behind Play Framework, Scala, and Akka! The past year and a half at Heroku have been really amazing. Not only have I enjoyed teaching others about Heroku, I’ve enjoyed my own frequent use of Heroku. It says something when a technology switch makes […]

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Heroku and Play Next Week in Chicago and New York

Next week I’ll be in Chicago and New York for a few presentation about Heroku, Play Framework, and running Java apps on the cloud. October 16 at the Chicago JUG: Java, Play! and Scala Apps on Heroku October 17 at the Chicago Heroku User Group: Hands-on Heroku – Deploying Apps on the Cloud October 18 […]

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Run Revel Apps on Heroku

UPDATE: There have been some updates to my Revel Heroku Buildpack that make it work better and with newer versions of Revel. Check out the details. Revel is a Play-like web framework for Go. I’m new to the Go programming language but I’ve heard good things. So I thought I’d take Revel for a spin […]

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Heroku & Play Framework at JavaOne 2012

This year at JavaOne I’ll be presenting two session and participating in one BOF: BOF4149 – Web Framework Smackdown 2012 – Monday @ 8:30pm Much has changed since the first Web framework smackdown, at JavaOne 2005. Or has it? The 2012 edition of this popular panel discussion surveys the current landscape of Web UI frameworks […]

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Atlanta Presentation: Practicing Continuous Delivery

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting Practicing Continuous Delivery on the Cloud at the Atlanta No Fluff Just Stuff conference. Here is the session description: This session will teach you best practices and patterns for doing Continuous Delivery / Continuous Deployment in Cloud environments. You will learn how to handle schema migrations, maintain dev/prod parity, manage configuration […]

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Video: Running Java, Play! and Scala in the Cloud

JavaZone 2012 was an awesome conference (as usual)! The video of my presentation about Running Java, Play! and Scala in the Cloud is now available. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Heroku at JavaZone 2012

I’m really looking forward to being back at JavaZone in Oslo this September! I’ll be speaking about Running Java, Play! and Scala Apps on the Cloud. This session will teach you how to get started deploying Java and Scala apps on Heroku. I’ll be around for the whole conference, so if anyone wants to grab […]

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Dreamforce 2012: Java Apps on Heroku &

Dreamforce 2012 is going to be a fantastic event! And not just because Red Hot Chili Peppers, Colin Powell, and Richard Branson will be there. I’ll also be there talking about Building Java Apps on Heroku and Here is the description for my session: In this session you will learn how to build Social […]

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