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Extending AIR for Android

*** The following is totally unsupported by Adobe *** *** UPDATE: Adobe has officially added native extensions to AIR. I highly recommend you use that approach instead of mine. *** Adobe AIR provides a consistent platform for desktop and mobile apps. While consistency is very important there are times when developers need to extend beyond […]

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Introducing Mixing Loom – Runtime ActionScript Bytecode Modification

At this year’s 360|Flex conference in Denver, Mike Labriola and I unveiled a new project we’ve been working on called Mixing Loom. Our presentation was called “Planet of the AOPs” because Mixing Loom lays the foundation for true Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) on the Flash Platform. Mixing Loom provides Flex and ActionScript applications the hooks […]

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P2P in Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet Flex Apps

Using the open source Flex SDK, developers can easily build desktop, mobile, and tablet applications that use Peer to Peer (P2P) communication. I’ve created a video that walks through demos and code illustrating how to use the P2P APIs in Adobe AIR applications. Check it out: Grab the code for the demos in the video […]

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Install Adobe AIR on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10

Right now Adobe AIR is only officially available for 32-bit Linux. But it does work on 64-bit Linux with the 32-bit compatibility libraries. There are several ways to install Adobe AIR on Linux. My preferred way on Ubuntu is to use the .deb package. However the .deb package distributed by Adobe can only be installed […]

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Install Flash Player on 64-bit Linux

UPDATE: This video was intended to show how to upgrade Flash to a new / experimental version. If you do not have Flash and want to see the video, first switch YouTube to default to HTML5 video and then watch this video on YouTube. Adobe has just released a preview of a 64-bit Flash Player […]

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Video: Introduction to the New Adobe AIR Launchpad

I just created a video that walks through the new Adobe AIR Launchpad. The AIR Launchpad is the easiest way to get started building desktop apps with Adobe AIR and Flex. Check it out:

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Building Client / Cloud Apps with Flash Builder for

I have a theory. The majority of people who use enterprise software today use old school Client / Server apps. We’ve been trying to move these apps to the web for more than ten years. The ease of deployment of web apps is a clear motivator. Yet the client capabilities of the plain old web […]

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Developing Mobile Flash / Flex – Scaling and Zooming

Mobile development with Flash and Flex is a new frontier, full of new adventures and discoveries. Recently I discovered something that might be useful to you. By default the mobile web browser on my Android 2.2 device scales a web page to make more room to display pages typically built for a desktop profile. Here […]

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amf.js – A Pure JavaScript AMF Implementation

I just finished the first version of a new pure JavaScript library for AMF. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but didn’t think it was possible since JavaScript doesn’t have a ByteArray. But then I came across this: “High Performance JavaScript Port of ActionScript’s ByteArray“. That became the basis for amf.js. Before I […]

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