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Presenting in SF: sbt-web & Reactive All the Way Down

This week I will be presenting twice in San Francisco at SF Scala: Thursday April 10: Introducing sbt-web – A Node & WebJar Compatible Asset Pipeline for the Typesafe Platform sbt-web is a new web asset pipeline for Play Framework and other sbt-based frameworks. It can pull dependencies from both Node and WebJars. The pipeline [...]

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Scala and Vaadin Webinar

On Monday March 24th I will be co-presenting a Webinar about Scala and Vaadin. In this Webinar you will learn how to create great looking web UIs with Vaadin and Scala. No prior Scala experience is necessary. We will start with the basics. Hope to see you there!

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WebJars Now on the jsDelivr CDN

WebJars were created to work well with Content Deliver Networks (CDNs) and now thanks to jsDelivr there is a great public CDN hosting all of the WebJar assets! jsDelivr is “a free super-fast CDN for developers and webmasters.” What a perfect match for WebJars! Here is how it works… Just prefix // in front of [...]

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Presenting Building Reactive Apps in Denver

This Thursday (March 20, 2014) I will be presenting Building Reactive Apps at the Reactive Programming Enthusiasts Denver. Here is the session description: Non-blocking, asynchronous, and reactive programming models are all the rage today. This session will explore in-depth why these patterns are important in modern apps. We will drill down and see how to [...]

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Official Support for RequireJS in WebJars

WebJars Locator now has direct support for RequireJS! For a while the WebJars Play helper library has had support for RequireJS which was great but it had a few issues and wasn’t useful outside of Play. There is now a org.webjars.RequireJS.getSetupJavaScript(String webjarUrlPrefix) method that produces the RequireJS configuration for the WebJars you are using. If [...]

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Presenting Play Framework and Reactive This Week in Boulder, Dallas, and Vancouver

This week I’ll be circling around North America presenting about Play Framework and Reactive Apps. Here is the lineup: Tuesday Feb 11 in Boulder, Colorado at the Boulder JUG: 6pm – Intro to Play Framework7:30pm – Building Reactive Apps Wednesday Feb 12 in Dallas, Texas at the Java MUG: 6:30pm – Building Reactive Apps Thursday [...]

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Building Reactive Apps in Boston

Tomorrow night (Jan 15, 2014) I will be presenting Building Reactive Apps in Boston. There will be lots of live coding and only a couple slides. Hope to see you there!

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NightHacking with Play Framework and Scala

At Devoxx 2013 Stephen Chin interviewed me on his NightHacking video podcast about Play Framework, Scala, and Reactive. Here is the recording with some live coding fun:

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WebJars Took Off in 2013

A little over a year ago I launched WebJars with the goal of bringing some simplicity and sanity to how client-side JavaScript and CSS libraries are used in the JVM ecosystem. Since then WebJars has grown to 237 libraries and around 40,000 downloads per month! Check out the stats from Maven Central: Note: It seems [...]

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