Intro to Reactive Composition with the Typesafe Reactive Platform

Reactive apps are all the rage lately. The Reactive Manifesto now has over 2000 signatures and all of my recent presentations about Reactive have been packed. I’ve just recorded a screencast that explains the async and non-blocking aspect of Reactive. This screencast walks through how to do Reactive Requests and Reactive Composition with the Typesafe Reactive Platform. Using Play Framework it is easy to handle async and non-blocking requests (Reactive Requests) and compose them together. This can be done with both Java and Scala but for this screencast I use Scala. Check it out and let me know what you think:

  • Emilian Ionascu

    Which plug-ins are you using in Intellij Idea?

    • I am using the Play Framework plugin and the Scala plugin. The Play plugin is only available with the Ultimate edition.

      • Emilian Ionascu

        I am using the same plugins and I have a problem with reverse routing. I have been trying to find out if I have to exclude folders such as managed_src or any other folder to make it work. Whenever I use a reverse route I get symbol undefined. Is it the same for you?

        • I currently have issues with the reverse routing but I’m on the EAP and I seem to remember it working on the regular release. Can you file a bug with the IntelliJ folks?

  • Michael Slinn


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