Setting Up Play Framework Apps in IntelliJ IDEA

Update: I’ve posted a new video showing how to create and run Play2 apps in IntelliJ.

JetBrains just announced that they have posted a new EAP release of IntelliJ IDEA that supports Play Framework apps! Here is a quick video I recorded that shows how to get IntelliJ setup with a Play app:

Thanks JetBrains! This is awesome stuff!

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  • Mike Slinn


    IntelliJ’s EAP versions time out at the end of each month, so in order to minimized downloading and setup I download new builds at the beginning of the month.

  • Andreas

    Very, very cool! I’ve been looking forward to this! :)

  • Ben

    Thanks for sharing.  This helps learning how to use Play! with IntelliJ

  • John Stalker

    How does one change where play framework home is located after you’ve already set it?  I can’t find where to update that value?

    • James Ward

      I think it just figures it out based on where the executable is.  Did moving it not work? Did you update your PATH?

      • John Stalker

        Well, the first time you execute that task in IntelliJ, it asks you to navigate to the home directory.  If you’ve set it wrong (as I have) it’ll need updating…can’t figure where to do that!

        • James Ward

          Oh!  Yeah.  This sucks.  There isn’t a way to change this setting in IntelliJ.  I changed the value by shutting down IntelliJ, then updating the PLAY_HOME value in the ~/.IntelliJIdea11/config/options/path.macros.xml file.

          • John Stalker

            Excellent!  That’s exactly what I was looking for!
            Must have botched my find / grep command!

          • John Stalker

            Ok, I finally found it…

            Since I’ve installed play! using homebrew, it took some jiggering to figure out that the ‘home’ directory needed to be set to /usr/local/bin it to work within IntelliJ 

  • Junho Park

    Thank you!  Helpful stuff.

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