• jadd

    Unfortunately 4.5 is not available for us poor people!!!!
    Thanks, Roberto.

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  • Osh Evans

    Thanks James.
    You’ve inspired me to spend my evenings on the pre-release programme!

  • stephen

    Hi James, when publishing/deploying to actual iphone or android device, can we do it thru command line or are we required to buy the premium version?

    • http://www.jamesward.com James Ward

      Packaging for apk or ipa can be done via adt on the command line.

  • deke

    thank you for the mini tut, any ball park figure until iOS support?

    • http://www.jamesward.com James Ward

      Flex for iOS is coming June 2011.

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  • http://binodonline.com Binod Singh

    Thanks for the post. May I know if it supported in iphone and blackberry

    • http://www.jamesward.com James Ward

      iPhone (3G and newer) are supported. The Blackberry Playbook is supported.

  • Chris J

    Cheers, James. As always a useful and informative tutorial!

  • Serjio Banderas

    Big thanks, very good tutorial

  • Sai Kumar

    This is very useful for the beginners like me.

    Thank you!

  • Aswathy


    How can upload web pages in Title window for mobile applications.

    Thank you

  • Tom


    i have installed the new update of the 4.5 flex sdk by using flex builder

    and actually when i create a custom class which extends the ‘WindowedApplication’ spark class
    i have the following error :

    1144: Interface method minimize in namespace mx.core:IWindow is implemented with an incompatible signature in class…

    could you help me to fix it please? thanks alot !


  • Jesper Veldhuizen

    Is it possible to ’embed’ AIR into the application? Because it’s not realy cool that the users get the message that they have to install AIR when they are trying to install the app..

  • Rajameena108

    Thank u…..