Dreamforce 2010 and Cloudstock

I’ll be speaking at Dreamforce again this year! I have two sessions that are going to be super fun! First is a panel called “Cloud Mobility: Taking Critical Business Functions With You, Whenever, Wherever” on Wednesday at 3:15 PM. Then on Thursday at 11am I’ll be co-presenting a session on “Building Rich User Interfaces with Adobe Flash Builder for Force.com” with Markus Spohn from Salesforce.com.

Preceding Dreamforce is the Cloudstock event where you can see some other great presentations related to Flex and RIAs. Lee Brimelow will be doing a presentation on “Flex and Flash Platform on the Cloud” that is guaranteed to entertain and educate. There will also be presentations from Nigel Pegg on Real-time Apps and Keith Sutton on “Adobe‚Äôs Cloud Offerings for Developers and Enterprises”.

It’s going to be a great week! I hope to see you at Dreamforce 2010!

  • James, could you let us know where to find the “stratus_air.swc” that you used in your demo? I downloaded Flash for Force.com, but the closest thing I could find was a “f3_air.swc”. This will compile your example using Burrito. However, at runtime it attempts to store the login information as an encrypted local store (which doesn’t work for mobile deployments). Thanks very much for your help, and a great presentation!

    Error: EncryptedLocalStore is not supported on the current platform
    	at flash.data::EncryptedLocalStore$/setItem()
    	at com.salesforce.flexforforce::F3DesktopApplication/saveLoginResult()[/Users/dprophete/dev/desktop/apps/stratus/main/toolkits/stratus_air/src/com/salesforce/flexforforce/F3DesktopApplication.as:325]
    	at com.salesforce.flexforforce::F3DesktopApplication/onValidLogin()[/Users/dprophete/dev/desktop/apps/stratus/main/toolkits/stratus_air/src/com/salesforce/flexforforce/F3DesktopApplication.as:255]
    • Hey Tom,

      Glad you actually gave this a try! Unfortunately AIR for Android doesn’t support the EncryptedLocalStore API. I received a special / newer swc file from Salesforce that works around the lack of the API. Send me an email and I can see about getting you that swc. jaward at adobe dot com



      • Thanks very much, James! My email is “tom@nextstepsoft.com”. If you could share the swc with the EncryptedLocalStore work-around, that would be fantastic.

        Take care,

  • Mohammad

    Hi James,
    Please check this cloud to mobile app built with Flex Hero: Lighthouse2go for Salesforce for Android! http://t.co/7UztFUd

  • Yonathan

    I receive this error : “Error: EncryptedLocalStore is not supported on the current platform” when I tried login Salesforce with Flash builder 4.5 (for mobile).
    My original code was written with FlexforForce.
    Have you any idea ?
    Is your swc file can help me ? If yes can you send it to yonathang@balink.net


    • I’m not sure when Salesforce.com will release a mobile friend SWC. Sorry.