Install Adobe AIR on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10

Right now Adobe AIR is only officially available for 32-bit Linux. But it does work on 64-bit Linux with the 32-bit compatibility libraries. There are several ways to install Adobe AIR on Linux. My preferred way on Ubuntu is to use the .deb package. However the .deb package distributed by Adobe can only be installed on 32-bit systems. Good news is that this can be easily fixed! To install the Adobe AIR .deb package on a 64-bit system just follow these steps:

  1. Download the Adobe AIR .deb file
  2. In a terminal window go to the directory containing the adobeair.deb file
  3. Create a tmp dir:
    mkdir tmp
  4. Extract the deb file to the tmp dir:
    dpkg-deb -x adobeair.deb tmp
  5. Extract the control files:
    dpkg-deb --control adobeair.deb tmp/DEBIAN
  6. Change the Architecture parameter from “i386” to “all”:
    sed -i "s/i386/all/" tmp/DEBIAN/control
  7. Repackage the deb file:
    dpkg -b tmp adobeair_64.deb

Now you can install Adobe AIR on a 64-bit system! From the command line just do:

sudo dpkg -i adobeair_64.deb

That’s it! Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Andrew Barker


    Thanks for the guide. It works as far as initial installation, however, the BBC Desktop application is being prevented from accessing the storage space on my hard drive. For some reasons, although it has been installed, the relevant permissions have not been put in place.

    Any ideas as to how I can grant it access? The message from the Desktop application is to use the keychain to grant acess, but I’m not sure where it is or how to access.

    Suggestions would be much appreciated.


  • Frank Tinius

    Thanks the instructions worked like a charm on both Debian and Mepis amd64.

  • Mona

    So it sort of worked… The installer won’t open, though. I keep clicking on it, and it doesn’t do anything. What else do I need to do? (running Ubuntu 11.10, first-time Linux user. Thank you for your patience.)

  • Avalancha

    thanks a lot,

    I just re compiled the ‘more stable than current stable’ version of skype on amd64 (skype-debian_2.1.0.81-1_i386.deb).

    I’ve followed your steps and installed ia32-libs-gtk, and skype works perfectly.

    Thanks for post.

    best regards.

  • Anonymous

    I just clicked on your link in the op, and Adobe said ” no longer supported”, so I went to the archive.
    Don’t know the difference between runtime(BIN file) and sdk (TAR) version being ancient newbie.
    Which do I need, and how do your instruction differ, if at all ?
    Many thanks,

  • Collin Peters
  • llbbl

    @jlward4th:disqus can you please update the article with the link to the deb that @521da546a21c681818cb7b0e90ae8625:disqus provided above? Thanks!

  • llbbl

     Ok well I guess it doesn’t matter because the tutorial didn’t work for me.

    • What part didn’t work?

      • llbbl

         Sorry I didn’t get back to you James. I forget what the issue was.  I ended up just using windows for a bit and going back to ubuntu.

  • Thanks your kindness
    I use Ubuntu 12.04 amd 64
    So I would find how to install adobeair.deb on 64bit operating system….
    And I found how to install adobeair.deb 32bit binary on 64bit operating system but I can’t install
    Because I had to install ia32-libs package but it couldn’t install on Ubuntu 12.04 amd 64
    I disappointed…..

    But Now I find your blog and now I install^^

  • James Potts

    For those doing this on Linux Mint 13 (MATE):  If  you download the .deb that’s been directly linked above it will complain about not being able to find gnome-keyring or Kwallet (yes, even if you have gnome-keyring installed), but it WILL install and work.  I just installed it this way in order to get Dofus working without wine (I don’t mind using Wine, but dofus’ in-game mail system doesn’t work in wine).


  • Rajneesh

    Hi, Thanks for the post. I tried it on Ubuntu 12.04 and it worked.

    Very helpful.


  • Thanks for the post. I tried it on Ubuntu 12.04 and it worked.

    Very helpful.

  • Paul Gregoire

    This almost works on Ubuntu 13.10; now I’m stuck

    Unpacking adobeair (from adobeair64.deb) …
    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of adobeair:
    adobeair depends on ia32-libs-gtk | devolo-ia32-libs; however:
    Package ia32-libs-gtk is not installed.
    Package devolo-ia32-libs is not installed.
    dpkg: error processing adobeair (–install):
    dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    Errors were encountered while processing: