Install Flash Player on 64-bit Linux

UPDATE: This video was intended to show how to upgrade Flash to a new / experimental version. If you do not have Flash and want to see the video, first switch YouTube to default to HTML5 video and then watch this video on YouTube.

Adobe has just released a preview of a 64-bit Flash Player for Windows, Mac, and Linux! I created a quick video to show Linux users how to install Flash Player on a 64-bit system. Check it out:

Let me know how Flash Player “Square” works for you!

  • Yeah i was waiting for this, works like a charm in ubuntu 10.10 and google chrome.
    Thanks Adobe :D

  • You are very kind people.
    but I can’t watch your video. cause I do not have flash player.

    Your video mean that command

    # mv ~user/.mozilla/plugins/

    • Haha. Good point. I suppose it’s hard to watch a YouTube video about how to install Flash Player without Flash Player. :) Sorry.

      So thanks for posting the simple instructions. I should have done that. Whoops!

    • Gregor

      Same here, recursive problem;=)
      In my case I had to use a different path (on Debian Sid/Sidux/now aptiso)
      mv /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
      Works quite well so far, but I had one crash (longing for Firefox 4)

      Now I hope to get this working in Chrome, too.
      Long time pesky problem finally solved, Adobe is finally making up to the 64bit-disaster…

      • Putting it there will make Flash Player available for all users and should work for Chrome too.

        • Gregor

          Yes, indeed, it was auto-detected upon restarting Chrome – grand!

      • Gregor

        But the question remains – with all the efforts on Flex et al on Linux, why did it take SO long to port the flashplayer over to 64bit? This was really a pain, even if youTube offers a HTML5-alternative for many videos… but I don’t want to be limited…

      • Newbies

        Thank Dude… now it work… Cheer!!!

  • Just installed it into my IE9 64 Bit Beta. Works great!!! I’ve been waiting for Flash in 64 Bit browser.

    Finally! Thanks for tip!

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  • Jeremy Bicha
    • Dale Wesa

      Thanks so much. very helpful! finally something that works!

  • spiderwebby

    its amazingly unhelpful; having a flash video telling you how to install flash.

  • V

    It is fairly annoying that you require flash to read a site that purports to tell you how to install flash.

    Guess I’ll be back to test my install…

  • Yves

    Too funny, need also a keyboard to install my keyboard :-)

    Actually have a problem with redhat 5, new Flash is not working at all…
    If anyone has a tip…

  • aBal

    “Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page”

    Please add a link to the video’s script for those who really need to install it :)

    • See the comments above for instructions.

  • William

    Installed Adobe Flash Square on Firefox and Chrome in Ubuntu 10.04. For the most part it works great. I have, however, come across a few different places that throw up the, “You must download and install the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player to view this content.” blurb… simple one to try is Facebook when uploading pictures to an album. I’m curious if this is a Facebook issue or a Flash issue…

    • Usually this is due to the web page incorrectly parsing the Flash Player version number.

  • Pat Suwalski

    Seems that the latest RC has only a 32-bit variant… :(

    Why does this keep happening?

  • hell yah! 64 bit flash 10.3 square is so much smoother on linux than the old 10.1 32bit flash. pages with flash plugins load so much more faster and is 100x better!

  • Jorge

    Bro, thanks for the video
    but it’s kinda funny that you publish a video on flv on how to install flash player.

    if someone can look at your video, it means the flash player is working.

    • rejco

      Since I don’t know how to install FLASH this is useless!

  • Marc Everlove

    All dressed up and nowhere to go…

    I am guessing you are fooling around… A flash video on how to install flash… Good one.

  • Pumpkins

    I realise the simple instructions were posted, but for a newbie like me, who is sick and brain tired right now and wants to watch vids, they aren’t working. I dloaded the file, used the commands, but the file to be moved is not recognised, blarg blarg. What were the rest of your instructions sir?

    • Jeremy Bicha

      Pumpkins, if you are a Ubuntu user, I highly recommend the PPA I mentioned a few comments up. Square is out of date now & has security holes, but the PPA packages the new Flash Player 11 Beta.

  • Brendan Cassidy

    As Gregor noted, it looks like different distros handle the plugin folders differently — for instance, on my Debian Wheezy install, neither ~/mozilla/plugins/ nor /opt/google/chrome/plugins/ exist.

    You can find out which folders Chrome looks in, though, by going to Chrome’s “about:plugins”, then clicking the top-right for details. Each installed plugin will show its location on your filesystem, and there’s a good chance at least one of those locations will be a good place to put, too. :)

  • Jamal

    How am I supposed to view the fucking video?

  • Aks

    Hey u rock …
    this video helped me a lot.

  • bebekComel

    lol … how can i see, i wasn’t install flashplayer … lol

  • FlameButt

    Well, that was useless! I had hoped for info on how to install the flash player, not some dumb-ass page proving that I’ve already got it installed!

  • Thorsten

    great work, not too much words. Thanks to this I could write on where I share my daily struggle with Linux ;)

  • badino

    Hahaha. So the condition to see the video is to have flashplayer yet

    • You can watch the video via YouTube’s HTML5 video player. I’ve added instructions at the top for how to do that.

  • Manius

    Thanks for the Flash video to show us how to install Flash on Linux……….