Ubuntu 10.10 Boots in 8.6 Seconds!

*** Update: My boot time is now down to 7 seconds! New video coming soon. ***

I just updated to the latest Ubuntu 10.10 desktop and noticed that boot time is now extremely fast! My Intel Core 2 Duo 2.80GHz laptop with an Intel SSD now boots in 8.6 seconds! That is from boot loader all the way to logged in and ready to use! Nice work Ubuntu! Check out the video if you want to see it in action:

Ubuntu 10.10 will be released in October, 2010 but if you want to check it out now, get the beta.

  • Hey James, you should rub some adobe executive feet and ask them to please……. release a “CS Suite” for Linux. Not that I don’t like windows, but I love linux and its’ cs3/4/5 that has kept me on windows.

    • Believe me… I have. I dream every night that Adobe would release the CS for Linux. :)

      • Mike

        I don’t think more big corporation software is the answer. I had a job for a year as a web designer in an IT department, and my predecessor had the CS suite (I think it was version 3 at the time). I asked for a fresh install of Inkscape and GIMP and used Ps I think five times that year (mainly just to open a file delivered in its format), and never once used Ai.

        Open standards like SVG are the way to go. Anyway, I thought I’d chime in and ask you to consider that asking Adobe to release their software for *nix environment isn’t as good a solutoin as trying to bolster support for open programs and formats.

  • Hey James, do you have the time for Ubuntu 10.04? With you SSD, I’d be interested in seeing the difference. Thx!

    • I think that it was about 12 seconds before.

  • Great stuff. I’ve been using Ubuntu as my main OS for over a year now (even for Flex development) and I love it! Mine doesn’t boot in 8 seconds though (I don’t have an SSD) but the boot time is still short and the stability is great. Go Ubuntu!

    • You using IntelliJ? I am. Loving it.

      • I am actually, but I was not sure I could mention this here ;-)

        • IntelliJ?? Care to share?

          • The enterprise version of IntelliJ has Flex support. No design view. But for coders it’s amazing!

      • Wim Deblauwe

        +1 for IntelliJ

  • TJ Downes

    gotta love SSD!

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  • fc

    Have you ever measured the boot time of a lighter window manager on that system? like JWM for example… it took 20 seconds when I tried it in virtualbox.

    • Nope. I’m sure it could improve things another few seconds.

  • Kyle Adams

    I’ve been using ubuntu for a little over a year now and i’ve got to say that its the best environment for developers. Fast, stable, and endlessly customizable. Have you gotten a chance to evaluate PowerFlasher FDT4 yet? Supposedly there’s linux support. I would say that it could be a FlashBuilder replacement if it had the ability to generate actionscript service stubs.

    • I haven’t tried FDT4 yet. I’ve heard good things though.

  • Jason Li

    I haven’t tried 10.10 yet, but 10.04 boots in 5 seconds on an Inspiron 530 (with a Barracuda HDD). I don’t use it much, as laptops can do the same, but even on cheap laptops it boots FAST!

  • Zach

    Using VMPlayer, one can easily run Adobe’s suite on a VM in Ubuntu. Works flawlessly

    • Terry

      That’s the nice part, but isn’t not as fast.

      I develop in Visual Studio and I notice it doesn’t seem to compile as fast.

  • Terry

    Nice! I can’t wait to install 10.10. I am running Windows 7 right now and want to switch to Ubuntu. My main issue is gaming, but it looks like most of the games I play on Steam work through Wine.

    I could dual boot but I always run into issues.

  • Andreas

    Hmm, maybe I’ll try the 10.10 release tomorrow. the *.10 releases are better on average in my opinion and your 8.6 seconds have convinced me :)

  • Rob

    If only Windows 7 booted as fast *sigh*. I haven’t quite worked myself up to the 10.10 install, but I’m sure that will happen soon.

    Do you know if the much maligned Suspend / Hibernate bug been fixed in 10.10 btw?


    • Suspend works fine for me in 10.10.

      • Paul

        Still broken for me :-(

        • I’ve found that it works great when I use my built-in Intel video card. But if I switch to the other ATI card then it stopped working. So I’ve just stuck with using the Intel video card.

  • John Miller

    Windows 7’s hibernate is good, so it does boot under 8 seconds ;-) I use OpenSuse as well, so don’t be shocked!

  • Sherman McCoy

    I haven’t upgraded to an SSB, but my boot time SLOWED from 22sec to 28sec after upgrading to 10.10 – that’s with a core 2 duo and 2gb ram.

    • Strange. You could look into Bootchart to see what is taking so long.

  • Jim

    I love how people always say “Run it in a VBox”. The truth is, no one wants to run virtual machines and virtual machines as an answer to problems such as running CS or even netflix is just stupid. :-) My .02 of course. I still love you though Tux!

  • Terry

    How did you get it down to 7 seconds?

    • Nothing special. Ubuntu just keeps getting better!! :)

      • Terry

        That is true, but I still need Windows for gaming, well until Steam releases a Linux Client – :)

        I ended up going Wubi for my install since I always seem to run into issue with a true dual boot system.

  • Mark

    A Single Ubuntu 10.10 running in Toshiba is 1,86ghz,intel core 2 duo. Ubuntu starting a slow after bios reading!
    It is taking 30ses. Can u tell me what problem in here? ASAP

    • ivory

      I have the same specs and mine also takes about 30 secs…
      i can’t find a solution to this

      • Maybe check out /var/log/kern.log to see what is happening at bootup that might be taking so long.

  • Anwar

    Hi guys

    I am on ubuntu 10.10 amd64. Its boot up very slowly on my sony 2.4 core2. it is slower than the previous 9.04.
    When i select ubuntu option from the start up menu, the cursor starts blinking for a while and after some time it start to boot into the login screen.

    any ideas.

    • Hmmm… I’m not sure of a good way to determine what is taking so long. There used to be a boot graphing utility but I’m not sure if it’s still available. Sorry.

    • Terry

      Are you dual booting? Mine does that and takes longer and I am dual booting.

    • John


      sudo rm -v /var/lib/ureadahead/*pack*

      and see if it helps :)