Tour de Flex 2.0 – Nearly 500 Flex Examples!

Adobe has just launched the new AIR 2 based Tour de Flex version 2.0 which now contains almost 500 Flex examples! The new version has new AIR 2 examples (only available in the AIR version of Tour de Flex) including:

  • File Promises
  • Mass Storage Detection
  • Native Process
  • Open with default app
  • Socket Server

Also there are some great examples of the new Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 APIs including:

  • Gestures
  • Global Error Handler
  • Globalization / Internationalization
  • Microphone access

Those are some great examples but my favorite is still Doug McCune’s Physics Form followed closely by the real-time Tour de Flex Dashboard. :)

If you already have Tour de Flex installed then it should auto update to the latest version when you launch it. Otherwise install it now using the badge installer below.

  • Arnoud


    The install badge don’t work on the mac osx 10.6.4 without air installation….
    I get a window that says i need air which will be installed as well, but i cannot click the yes button…
    flash debug player 10,1,53,64

    This happens on every site that uses the tour the flex install badge. This is not a a real good advertisement for flex this way ;-)


  • Arnoud

    hmmm restarting the browser fixed it,
    not sure what was going on….

    sorry for the misinformation in my post above. I’ts obviously my system instead of the install badge not working…


  • GN

    Was all excited when I saw the mapping section, but was quickly disappointed when I expanded it to see there were no open source mapping solutions being shown such as GeoServer. Maybe a future article?

  • James, I found an issue with the Tour de Flex:
    1) Access
    2) Click the “web version” link (
    3) On the left-side nav, access “Flex 3 –> Flex Core Components –> Charting –> Controls”

    All of the charting controls sample pages result in 404’s it looks like, plus the icon images are broken.

    Sorry, I wasn’t sure who to email ;)

    • Thanks for reporting that! We are investigating.

  • Umang

    I want to make a browser application in java which can edit and add annotations to different file formats such as images, .doc, .pdf etc.. How can I do that in Flex. Is it possible in other ways also .. Please help me . I am a newbee . : )

    • There aren’t really ActionScript libraries to do that. You could transcode on the server and then send some info to the client for the UI.

  • punk12345

    Hi, I installed tour de flex but it gives an error message “An Internet connection is required.”. Can you please help