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  • prasanth

    Excellent Post please upload the source code of this.Eagerly waiting for that………..

  • @prasanth You can get most of the Java source code by downloading BlazeDS. The Census code is in the samples. Then just add the JSR-181 annotations if you are doing SOAP.

  • TimG

    Really helpful post James.
    We are starting to look at RIA options on top of Java/Mule ESB and would love to see more demos/screen casts about building Flex apps with Java/SOA back-ends. Is it at all possible to build a Flex/Air plug-in for an existing RCP app? Kind of a transition from RCP to RIA so to speak for a small piece of functionality?

  • Hi TimG,

    I’ll work on a Mule screencast. That’s a good idea.

    I’ve seen some really interesting stuff from the Merapi project that runs Flex apps inside of Swing, so running in RCP should also be possible.


  • Jack

    Hi, Do I need flex4 builder for this tutorial? I heard from this tutorial saying you installed “FLASH” 4 Builder plugin. I am kind of confused the tool requirements to do this tutorial?

  • @Jack Flash Builder 4 is the new name for Flex Builder. It is the Eclipse-based tool for doing Flex development.

  • Jack

    Thank you for your explanation James. Can you also tell me which version of BlazeDs can work with Flex4? I saw BlazeDs 4 at adobe.com.

  • @Jack You can grab a daily build of BlazeDS 4 from opensource.adobe.com

  • Chetan

    Hi James,
    I installed the BlazeDS but now I didnt get how to interconnect java and flex application …

  • Hi Chetan,

    Check out: http://www.infoq.com/articles/blazeds-intro


  • Cassiano

    Hiho James,
    What version of Eclipse are you using?

  • roshni

    Does Flex 4 works with Blaze DS 3 ?

  • srinivas reddy

    Hi James,
    This helps me well, but i am in confusion that which service is preferably for which type of data visualization.
    how to identify which service we need to use..?

  • jegar

    how can i download this video?

  • Ahmed Soliman

    Can I have the Adobe flex Builder 4.5 or 4.6 open source ?
    Please advise

  • Ahmed Soliman

    I want to start to use Adobe flex with my Exiting project as well.

  • Prabath

    Hi Mr James

    Excellent post. I want to build up a web application for image processing(delete lines of image etc like MS Paint). So I think Apache flex and Java to use. Please advice me