Time to Update to Flex SDK 3.5a

If you are using a Flex SDK before 3.5a then it’s probably time to update. Flex SDKs before 3.4 have a security vulnerability. I believe the problem is actually in the HTML template, so when you update make sure that you also update the HTML templates that you are using. The Flex SDK 3.4 had the double responder bug. And the initial release of Flex SDK 3.5 had a bug with AIR’s ApplicationUpdaterUI. If you overlay your own AIR SDK on top of the Flex SDK then be aware that you will actually be overwriting the ApplicationUpdaterUI fix (comments in the bug report discuss how to deal with that).

So it’s time to move to the latest Flex SDK 3.5a!

Also, if you are using BlazeDS, LCDS, or FDS then it’s time to update that as well due to a security vulnerability that was published yesterday.

  • Tom Gruszowski

    3.5 is FINALLY a good SDK. It’s been quite frustrating how many regressions bugs came up with 3.4 to the point where we had to revert one app to 3.3. 3.2 was not even something to consider. I hope we can get better automated tests for Flex 4 but that is really wishful thinking until Flex 4.5 or so. This type of stuff just doesn’t happen with Java/.NET

  • Anyway I didn’t like how this 3.5a was released, the build number has been kept the same, I would have preferred a 3.5.1, that’s what major.minor.bugfix versions are meant for.

  • @magomarcelo The reason that I heard for why they didn’t change the build number was that then they would have had to create new Framework RSLs.

  • Note that 3.5 has a problem with ComboBoxes. I found this out after updating to 3.5. The other developer wasn’t seeing the issue and I eventually realized he was still on 3.4. A google search showed that others were reporting it in the forums.

  • @Jamie That’s a bummer. Looks like it is fixed for 3.6.

  • hello, i user the sdk of framework_3.4.1.10084.swz, but i found it that can’t cache in the flash player AssetCache?

    you know why? thanks

    • It should cache. Are you getting an error?

  • no error, and i back to the framework_3.4.0.9271 that can cache in the flash player AssetCache. i don’t trust the sdk 3.6

  • Alan

    The file framework_3.4.1.10084.swz is not found, just framework_3.4.1.10084.swf exists. I do not know why. This means that it is not cached in Flash Player but in browser only.

  • Alan

    OK, I got it framework_3.4.1.10084.swz from add-on package. It works now after clearing Global Storage here and try all again.