Flex and The Cloud

The combination of Flex and The Cloud is quickly becoming an IT and paradigm changing combination. Here are a number of recently published resources for learning more about this :

Exciting stuff! Let me know what you think!

  • This definitely can be a new paradigm and has a lot of promise.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Shih-gian Lee

    Hi James,

    I just read your article about Flex and Cloud. The terms are a little different but they are saying the same thing. If I understand your article correctly, there is no support for running Flex application in Cloud, correct? Most of the Flex application are on-premise and they are accessing Service or Infrastructure Cloud, correct? Is SalesForce.com working with Adobe to support Flex application in cloud?


  • Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the feedback. Flex apps run client-side so there is technically no way to run a Flex app on the Cloud. You can put the Flex app assets (the SWF, etc) on the Cloud so that they can be downloaded to the client from the cloud. All of the cloud services I identified in the article support this.


  • Kavin Kannan

                Do you think  apps like Cloud Browse can enable Flex applications to be complied and run entirely from cloud in future.

    Cloud Browse: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cloud-browse-web-browser-for/id394418635?mt=8

  • Vishrut Shrivastava

    Hi James,

    I have been doing flex development for a while. I was wondering about flex applications on cloud servers like Luna Cloud, Amazon EC2 etc.

    I goggled and found your post. But I could find the links working.

    I am really interested in reading your article for the Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine and viewing the recorded webinar.

    If you can post the working links or share them, it will be great.