Flex Builder 3 on Eclipse 3.5

UPDATE: Flash Builder 4 (the new version of Flex Builder) officially supports Eclipse 3.5. Download Flash Builder 4.

I recently tried to upgrade to Eclipse 3.5 on my Ubuntu Linux desktop. Unfortunately this caused some problems with the Flex Builder 3 for Linux alpha 4. According to the stack traces in Eclipse the main problems seemed to stem from the com.adobe.flexbuilder.project.compiler.internal.ProblemManager class. So I decided to re-write that class from scratch to see if I could make the problems go away. My new implementation of ProblemManager seems to have fixed the issues that I was seeing. I’ve only tested this on Linux so I’m not sure if it will fix any problems on Mac or Windows. Here are the instructions for fixing the problems with Flex Builder 3 on Eclipse 3.5 on Linux:

  1. Make sure you have installed Eclipse 3.5 and the Flex Builder 4 for Linux alpha 4
  2. Download the ProblemManager patch
  3. Unzip the ProblemManager patch file
  4. Locate where Flex Builder is installed – in my case: ~/flex_stuff/Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux
  5. Update the com/adobe/flexbuilder/project/compiler/internal/ProblemManager.class file in <Flex Builder Install Location>/eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.project_3.0.204732/zornproject.jar with the file extracted from the patch
  6. Start Eclipse 3.5
  7. Smile!

UPDATE: Instructions for Windows were posted on InsideRIA by Mike Slinn. Thanks Mike!

So far this works for me. But I’m sure there are some problems I haven’t discovered with it yet. So please let me know if you have any problems. Also if someone wants to check this on Windows or Mac let me know if it works there. If not then feel free to update the ProblemManager.java class so that it does work.

DISCLAIMER: This patch is totally unsupported by Adobe. Use at your own risk.

  • Thanks! It worked a treat… Now I can use Galileo & vimplugin to do flex dev … yay :)

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  • equan

    thank’s for share it james! :)

  • Julien Nicoulaud

    Works like a charm, thanks a lot !

  • Julien Nicoulaud

    After all there is something: could you recompile it with a JDK 5 ? I get this error on my workspace error’s log:
    Errors running builder ‘Flex’ on project ‘test’.
    java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file
    … bla bla ….
    at com.adobe.flexbuilder.project.compiler.internal.FlexIncrementalBuilder.getProblemManager(Unknown Source)

    So I guess it was compiled with a JDK 6…


  • Julien Nicoulaud

    Perfect, it now runs over a JDK 5.
    Regards ;)

  • Thanks James! I was starting to go insane with all the errors Flex kept generating after i upgraded to Eclipse 3.5. Or maybe it was the fact that it often just refused to compile swf when you told it to run. Spend to many hours trying to fix this.


    PS: Come back to Copenhagen soon!

  • Christophe .D

    I have the same problem but I’m using Flex Builder 3 with Eclipse 3.5 Galileo on windows.
    I looked on many forum about this problem, but no solution was found except your patch.
    So I tried it but I still have the issue.
    So could you help me ? Could you said me how you have recompiled the class … according all dependencies !
    Because I started to do it, by getting java from ProblemManager.class, but there is a lot of dependencies .
    An other thinks is strange : Your problemManager.java => 233 lines. instead of the original problemManager.java =>481 lines

    Christophe D.

  • Christophe .D

    I tried again your patch, And now it works. In fact the first time I updated the FlexBuilder folder (FlexPlugin\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.project_3.0.214193).
    But Eclipse Galileo have made a local copy of all required lib inside plugin folder at the installation.
    So I try to copy directly zornproject.jar updated with your patch to Eclipse3.5/plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.project_3.0.214193 and now it’s seems working.

    Just a question have you cleanned lot of code ? because Your problemManager.java => 233 lines instead of the original problemManager.java =>481 lines

    Thanks a lot, great job !!.

  • Hey Christophe,

    Glad you got it working! I’m not sure what the original ProgramManager.java class did or what it looks like. So I’m not sure why mine is so much smaller.


  • Max

    Thankyou very much.

    Its a real shame that development of Flexbuilder on Linux seems to have died.

    Sure that you can’t comment James but i just wanted to register my complaint.

  • Rajeev Goel


    Tried the patch, but it fails due to incompatible Java version in class file.
    I suspect that happens because I run eclipse with java 1.5 and class may have been compiled with 1.6.
    Our project hasn’t migrated to use 1.6 yet.

    James could you please compile and publish for 1.5 ? That should not be too difficult ;)

    thanks !

  • Hi Rajeev,

    See the comments above for the 1.5 version. Let me know if that works.


  • Rajeev Goel

    it works, thanks ! Your help is most appreciated.

  • Iker Martin

    Great it works! Thanks a lot!

  • I was about to give up entirely until i found your post! You are a saint, a scholar and a demi-god. :-p

    And i owe u that beer.

  • KillerSpaz

    This patch fixed the “An internal build error has occurred” error, but I am getting an error defined as “Classes must not be nested”. I know this is common with empty switch statements, but in my basic application (literally just a vbox, with text, and an applicationComplete handler to set the style [cheezy test for something]) and I get this error and can’t launch or fully compile it.

    Any ideas?

  • Greg Meddles

    Thanks for sharing. I got it working with for Mac OS X using JavaEE Galileo Carbon 32bit with Flex Builder 3.

  • Justin Lee

    Thanks for the fix! Works great on Windows XP, Galileo Eclipse 3.5 and Flex Builder 3.4.

    You have to update zornproject.jar in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3 Plug-in… directory as well as the eclipse installation directory (i.e. C:\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.project_3.0.214193)

    Also, add “-clean” to eclipse.ini and restart.

    It’s too bad Adobe won’t fix this. See:


    Thanks again,

  • Iker Martin

    Sorry for my English, I have a question, it’s Flex Builder 3 for Linux definitely dead for Adobe?, i have installed the flex builder in a eclipse galileo in ubuntu. The message of Linux Builder Expires in 6 days, it’s true? i can’t purchase it?
    Iker Martin – Barcelona (Spain)

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  • Hi Iker,

    There is an update that will extend it for another 401 days:


  • I’m using the new Flex Builder Linux 5. I have com.adobe.flexbuilder.project_3.0.257568 instead of the version you said (com.adobe.flexbuilder.project_3.0.204732).
    On applying the patch, eclipse presents error on initializing.

    It’s strange as a friend of mine with the same laptop and installation process doesn’t have this issue.
    Also, this issue is only appear in on project.
    Any ideas ?? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi tiago,

    I also have com.adobe.flexbuilder.project_3.0.257568 now and the patch still seems to work fine. What is the error? Can you look in the /.metadata/.log file and email me the error (or post it here if it’s small)?


  • James,

    Trying to send you the log I went a bit more up then what I’ve already saw. And notice a zip error.
    I used a graphical app to zip back the jar … that was my problem.
    Zipping on the command line worked like a charm.

    Thanks a lot for this patch :)


  • Victor Muguerza

    Thanks a lot for sharing James, it works very well.
    Greetings from Peru


  • Ritesh

    Awesome.. thanks for the posting..It works with Win XP , Eclipse Galileo 3.5SR1 like a charm…

    thanks again..

  • Otto

    Thanks to this I’m now running Galileo and Flex 3 on Snow Leopard. Much appreciated.

  • Los

    Hi all,

    I gave all the above a try without much success. I’m running Eclipse SDK 3.5.0 build I20090611-1540 and the Flex Builder Plugin 3.0.214193. I’ve prepended that “path=” in the eclipse configuration, replaced the ProblemManager class as described above (using both 7zip and the jar command line), but nothing will work. All I get is the “Unable to create the selected preference page. An error occurred while automatically activating bundle com.adobe.flexbuilder.editors.common (281).” message everytime I try to switch to a Flex perspective.

    I’m also seeing a no class found exception regarding com/adobe/flexbuilder/utils/osnative/NativeControl.

    The only thing I see different when compared to the other posts is that I’m using the 64-bit versions of Eclipse and JVM. I don’t think this would have any effect on the problem, but I could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hi Los,

    Did things somewhat work before you hacked the jar file?


  • Los

    I guess “somewhat work” is relative. Nothing really worked before or after (it seems). The only thing that seemed to work was when I had to prepend the location of the plugin with the “path=” in the eclipse config. This made the Flex menus and perspectives appear in Eclipse. But when I click on any of these menu items or perspectives, I get that ui error. Hacking the jar file didn’t seem to do anything.

  • Los,

    It seems like you have problems beyond what my patch does. It could be the 64-bit thing or it could be a bad install. I’ve never tried on 64-bit. The only thing that my patch fixes is problems with the ProblemManager. Everything else should work as usual before my patch is applied.


  • Los

    I may try a new reinstall of the plugin later today. BTW, do you know if the plugin ever works on a 64-bit Eclipse/JVM? Seems like it should now since 64-bit has been out for quite a while. If not, will Flash Builder 4 be compatible?

  • I’m not sure if FB supports 64-bit. I’m on Linux where 64-bit is unnecessary with the PAE kernel. What OS are you on?

  • Los

    win 7 home prem 64. I won’t be able to downgrade to 32 bit too if needed to get FB3 working since all of our machines are spec’d that way.

  • Los

    I reinstalled the plugin last night and the same result– does not work. I may try downgrading Eclipse/JVM to 32-bit if I ever get the time but for now I guess its good ole fashion notepad!

  • Thanks a lot for this great patch James!

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  • Thank you both James & Mike for this patch and explanations, these errors really drove me crazy!
    For information, my configuration is Win7 64bits, Galileo 3.5.1.R35x_v20090910 (32bits), Flex 3.0.214193.

    I have a side-question: it seems that the compiler only displays one error at a time instead of displaying all as with the previous Eclipse version; do you have the same behaviour? I don’t know if it comes from your ProblemManager implementation or if it is linked to new Eclipse version… Thanks for your help!

  • Hi JeremyR,

    That happens for me as well. Pretty annoying. I haven’t had time to look into it. But if anyone wants to take my code and fix it, that would rock!


  • Thanks for your answer James!
    Really annoying but maybe it doesn’t come from your code but from Galileo, don’t you think?

  • I’d like to think that’s true but I think it’s more likely my code. I built my implementation without any knowledge of how the problems get reported. So it’s likely something I overlooked / didn’t understand.

  • mc

    Hi im new to eclipse+flex builder i got this error every time i create a flex project i got this following errors:

    The selected wizard could not be started.
    Plug-in “com.adobe.flexbuilder.apollo.ui” was unable to instantiate class “com.adobe.flexbuilder.apollo.ui.wizards.flex.FlexApolloProjectWizard”.

    Then when im going to window->preferences-> for sdk installation i got this error:

    Unable to create the selected preference page.
    An error occurred while automatically activating bundle com.adobe.flexbuilder.ui (526).

    what is going on with my installation?thanks. any suggestion please??? keep safe

  • Venkatesh

    The above procedure is not working for me
    I am using ubuntu 9.10, eclipse galileo, flex builder 3 for Linux alpha 4
    I am not getting mxml editor it’s showing assertion failed error
    please give the suggestion

  • Hi Venkatesh,

    Try this:


  • zam0th

    have the same problem as Los above, but on MacOSX Snow Leopard with Galileo and FB 3:

    Unable to create the selected preference page.
    An error occurred while automatically activating bundle com.adobe.flexbuilder.ui (843).

    it happens each time i open something FB-related in eclipse. it seems that the problem does have something to do with 64 bit.

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  • Atul Kshirsagar

    James, Thanks! Worked like a charm. You are a savior.