RIA Cowboy Videos – Dreamforce 2008 – InetSoft

At Dreamforce 2008 there were a ton of exhibitors using Flex. I walked around and interviewed some of those companies so that you can see what real businesses are doing with Flex. In the first interview I talk with InetSoft. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  • Daniel

    James, these guys are not being honest with you. Their interface was built using Javascript and only has a few Flash components, that is why it doesn’t look like Flex. Take a look at the scrollbars, they are clearly IFrames or DIVs.


  • Hi Daniel,

    Their app was pretty heavily skinned so it doesn’t look like Flex. But it really was. I was impressed with how much they’d changed the OOTB Flex UI.


  • Hi, I’m the cowboy in this video. James is right that we have custom skinned the entire UI. I think the theme in the video is ‘aqua’, but we also have other options.

    Daniel, you might be thinking about our other products (like Style Report) which are pure JavaScript and HTML, and just use Flex for a few drag-and-drop interfaces.