Take the Tour de Flex

Over the past few months Greg Wilson, Christophe Coenraets, and myself have been hard at work on a secret project. So today we are proud to announce the new Tour de Flex has just gone live! Tour de Flex showcases the capabilities of Flex, BlazeDS, LCDS, Adobe AIR, and Flash Player (now collectively called the Adobe Flash Platform).

Like the old Flex Component Explorer, Tour de Flex can be used to find components. But it goes way beyond just out-of-the-box Flex components. This first release contains 217 components and samples including popular Cloud APIs like Salesforce.com and Intuit, numerous community components from people like Doug McCune and Tink, commercial components from companies like ILog, and numerous other goodies. If you find something missing you can submit it!

Also in this release is an Eclipse / Flex Builder plugin which allows you to find components from inside Flex Builder!

We hope the Tour de Flex will provide an easy way for you to find components and see what is great about the Adobe Flash Platform. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

  • Hey James, That’s a really nice aggregation of knowledge and sample code!


  • Hi James,

    Excellent stuff! Kudos to all who worked on Tour De Flex.

    Its simply brilliant.


  • Dipock Das

    James, Christophe and Greg,

    Great work!! This is an excellent resource. Thanks again!


  • jeff


    how can i install the ‘tour de flex eclipse plugin’ on flex builder 3. please help me!!

  • Hi Jeff,

    Instructions are on the Tour de Flex web page:


  • Peter Wolf

    Need a little help here. I’ve installed it and it’s awesome – except I can’t seem to get certain elements to work. It keeps telling me that “An Internet connection is required.” even though I’m online.

    On a related note, Adobe AMP is giving a similar situation and keeps insisting that it’s offline.

    Is it related to Air 1.5? I installed that before downloading Tour De Flex and AMP.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Hi Peter,

    Tour de Flex pings http://tourdeflex.adobe.com/ping.html every two seconds to determine whether it’s online or offline. Can you verify that you can access that URL in your browser? If you have a proxy server make sure it’s configured. What OS do you use?


  • Peter Wolf

    Thanks for the quick response.

    When I access that URL, it displays the word “ping” in my browser. I’m not using a proxy. OS is Windows XP SP 3.

    Like I mentioned, AMP also thinks it is offline. Both apps use air (correct me if I’m wrong), so I’m wondering if it’s something wrong with Air? If so, how could I test / verify? I uninstalled Air 1.5 and reinstalled – nothing changed.

    Thanks again for the assist.

  • Hi Peter,

    Well it is good that you are seeing “ping” in your browser. Was that in IE?

    Yes, both Tour de Flex and AMP use AIR. So it seems there is some networking problem with AIR. There are support forums on Adobe’s website that might help. To me this seems like an issue with AIR’s networking setup – which I thought used IE’s networking settings. So if things work in IE then they should work in AIR apps. If you have Flex Builder installed you can create a quick AIR app that just uses an HTML control to render a web page and see if that works – or just navigate to the HTML example in Tour de Flex. That will narrow down the problem a bit.


  • Peter Wolf

    James –

    I have resolved the matter and I’m very pleased to let you know that this was not an Adobe issue. Norton Internet Security was apparently blocking calls to adobe’s website. Not sure why but I suspect it was initially blocked when Adobe Updater first ran.

    Thank you for your assistance and quick turnarounds. Now that this has been resolved, I feel much better directing my team to moving ahead with Adobe Flex / Flash / Air development! :)


  • Patrick

    Hi James – Love the Tour de Flex. I’m just getting started using Flex and it is really a great piece you put together.

    I did have one specific questions however. In the SWFLoader example, you are communicating with an embedded SWF in a much more simplified manner than other examples I have seen. I don’t fully understand it however, and was wondering if you could include the source for the embedded SWF as well.


  • Hi Patrick,

    I’ll see if we can do that. Note however that this method of communication only works with SWFs built for Flash 9 and greater.


  • Flex From The Future

    The “An Internet connection is required.” message is apparently a topic for 2014 as well. It seems that the http://tourdeflex.adobe.com/ website Tour De Flex application relies on has disappeared completely.

    Any ideas how to work around that one? Is there a back-up copy of it somewhere in the public internet?