Flex 3 Skin Transitions with Degrafa and AnimateColor

It is always fun when you discover new product features that you never knew existed. This happened to me last week as I was looking into Flex 3 skinning. It turns out that not only can you use a single class with states to define component skin states (like “up”, “down”, and “over” on a Button) but transitions also work with these skins! This feature has been noticed by others as well. But I figured I’d blog about it anyways – because it’s so cool!

Here is a quick demo:

I used Darron Schall’s “AnimateColor” effect to transition between colors. And I used Degrafa to draw the shapes inside the skin.

It’s super easy to add these types of transitions to your application! Right-click on the application to see the source code.

Have fun making your Flex apps even sexier!