Open Source Flex: Top 10 Reasons To Rejoice

Flex is going Open Source! This is really, really exciting news! I’ve been looking forward to this moment since before I worked at Macromedia. This will certainly change RIA programming in a major way. But what does this mean for you:
1) There will be a formal process for contributing to Flex.
2) Your voice is important. Join the Open Source Flex Google Group.
3) You aren’t locked into a single vendor’s monetization strategy. So is Flex now part of the “Open Web”? I think so.
4) More rapid innovation. Adobe has some really smart people. Combine those with a ton of other really smart people and we get better products, faster.
5) Adobe continues down the Open Source road. Tamarin was a huge step. Now Adobe takes another.
6) OEMs can more easily adopt Flex.
7) Open Source Flex can be redistributed.
8) Open Source Flex will further stimulate the already booming Flex ecosystem.
9) Flex is bigger than Adobe. Watch as many big organizations further invest in Flex.
10) Flex is going Open Source! ‘nuf said.

More information is available in the FAQ. Come join us! Together we will revolutionize the now-more-sexy “Open Web”! :)

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  • Robert Scoble

    I’ve put up two videos we filmed this morning of my visit to Adobe to talk about the open sourcing of Flex.

  • James Ward

    Thanks for the links Robert. I’m watching them right now! Very cool!

  • Tony Hillerson

    no wai!

    This is a great step for Flex, and Adobe, I believe. Nice move, and congrats!

  • Nguyen Vu Long

    That’s good news for Flex developers as me. Maybe this strategy will make Flex is stronger than other RIA technologies.

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  • Ian


  • Roger Voss

    James, are you based out of the Seattle office?

    Reason I ask is that for month of May I’ve got Google invited to come present GWT to the Seattle Java Users Group.

    Well, I’d like to invite Adobe to come and present Flex 2. You’re the most publicly visible face for Adobe Flex and thought I’d just ask you if there’d be interest in doing that?

  • James Ward

    Hi Roger,

    I travel quite a bit and have been doing a Java User Group tour over the past few months. I think that one of our other evangelists already presented to the Seattle JUG. But maybe I can come back for a second round? :) I’ll check with marketing and see what they think. Feel free to email me directly: jaward <at> adobe <dot> com


  • Thijs

    The mailinglist for open source flex requires a google login. Can Adobe make this list open for any emailaddress, like the Trac Google mailinglist for example, so I don’t need to sign up for a Google account?



  • James Ward

    Hi Thijs,

    I’ll look into this but I assume this was done to help prevent spam.


  • Thijs

    Thanks James! Not requiring a Google login doesn’t mean anyone can post/spam to the list without signing up and validating their emailaddress, it just means that I don’t need to use a Google emailaddress. Yahoo Groups (the flexcoders list for example) has the same policy.



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