• I can’t open that link.
    Could you please send the source code to me?

  • James Ward

    Are you still having problems with that link? It’s working fine for me.

    • Kiran

      Hi James,
      I my Xcelsius2008 S/W I have a Tree component Addon.I worked on XtreeGrid component from there but the problem is I could not able to see the arrow symbol at run-time but it was showing me at design time.So Could you please give me the suggestions on this.

      • The AdvancedDataGrid is a better way to do this. Would that work for you?

        • Deepak

          Thank you for your reply James..
          I am getting the same problem like Mr. Kiran, could you please elaborate little bit more on this like
          1) How do I get AdvanceDataGrid component ? its free or i have to buy it
          2) In the last you have posted one link, i am really fascinated to see that stuff, but how do I use this in my Xcelsius please throw some light as well.

          Will really appreciate your quick reply on that

  • Hi James,

    I found your treeGrid component a few days ago and it was all what i need !
    I use the version for flex 2 updated by Latha.

    But I found a little bug in the ‘openItem’ function.
    When you open items until 3rd level, then close first level and open it again the sublevels arn’t displayed properly.

    Here’s the ‘openItem’ function corrected :
    private function openItem(item:TreeNodeVO, indexNum:Number):Number{

    var root:ArrayCollection = parentApplication.dp;
    var nbRowsDisplayed:Number = 0;

    //add the rows for the children at this level
    for(var i:Number = 0; i

  • //add the rows for the children at this level
    for(var i:Number = 0; i

  • Ki Park

    private function openItem(item:TreeVO, indexNum:Number):void

    for(var j:Number = 0; j < item.childList.length; j++)
    var nListTop :int = root.getItemIndex(item.childList[j]);
    if (item.childList[j].isOpen)
    openItem(item.childList[j], nListTop);

  • Erik

    Hi James,

    I’m fairly new to Xcelsius and exactly looking for something like your treegrid. I downloaded it, but can’t seem to get to work. Could you send me an Xcelsius example where your tree is applied?

    Also: it seems there’re some additions/corrections to the original: is there a final version where all this is included?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi,
    I am usign the XTreeGrid 1.5 and I can’t change the font and the size of the font.
    I have try to change they in the excell cells but it don’t runs. How can change these propierties?
    Thank you.

    • I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish. Can you provide more details?

      • Hi,
        I need show a lot of columns in a XTreeGrid, to do this I think reduce the size of the font or change the font type, for example, in the document I’m using the windows font “verdana” size 10, but with this size I can’t show more than 5 columns in the XTreeGrid, and I need 9. I wil like chose the font size from “verdana” size 10 to “Times new Roman” size 8 without modify the rest of the texts of the xcelsius document. How can I change the windows font and the size of the texts in the XTreeGrid.

        • When you say XTreeGrid are you referring to my Flex 1.5 component that this blog is about, or something else?

          • Yes, I’m using the Xcomponents v1.5, in particular, the XtreeGrid control.

          • Wow. I had no idea that the XComponents used some ideas from my TreeGrid. That’s cool. It’s been so long since I’ve used Flex 1.5 that I honestly can’t remember how any of those things worked. Can you use the Flex AdvancedDataGrid instead? Or do you know if the XTreeGrid supports Flex 2, 3, or 4?

          • Javier

            I have no idea it the XTreeGrid supports Flex 2, 3 or 4.
            I will find AdvancedDataGrid instead and I will evaluate it.
            thanks for your information.

          • Sean W.

            James —

            Just to clear things up for you since I noticed that most of your comments on this revolve around Xcelsius. The Xcelsius SDK that the author Donald MacCormick used to create his XTreeGrid component only supports Flex 2.0.1 hotfix 3.

            So to answer your question I do not believe the original poster(s) will be able to utilize the AdvancedDatagrid for their purposes and will need to roll their own component based on the original Datagrid as in your and Latha’s implementations.

            -Sean Woodman

          • Thanks Sean!

  • Ed

    Hi there, my Xcelcius Consultant left and I am tasked to do the job (BI Consultant). The DB is saying: that I need “com.bitransformation.xcomponents.XTreeGrid”. How can I install this to my Xcelcius? I need some instructions please… thanks. reach me at ahasan.sapbw@gmail.com

  • Ed

    I desperately need help installing the XtreeGrid. Can someone please guide me how do I install this code in Xcelcius? I thought there would be a file that I can add through the ‘add ins’?
    Please email me at ahasan.sapbw@gmail.com. Urgent help required please. Thanks

  • Ravin

    Hi All,
    I am trying to use XSCORECARD component and was not sure how to apply formatting. My requirement is to data in the grid in European format, but for some reasons the component doesn’t recognize it. Any pointers or steps on how to achieve the formatting will be of great help.